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Introducing Schedule Enforcement for Workday, iSolved and Employment Hero

The Smart Time Clock’s IQ just raised a few more points with the introduction of a new set of features centered on schedule enforcement, including the ability to validate employee clocking attempts against their scheduled work hours in a supported payroll platform. Among these features is the option to configure the clock to disallow early clock-ins or clock-outs, for example, as well as display the employee's scheduled hours at the clock.

Workday Payroll Now Available in Australia

For payroll professionals in Australia who are tackling today’s environment of rapidly changing market conditions and evolving regulations, Workday has announced that Workday Payroll for Australia is now available.

Seconds Matter: Accurate Time Tracking for Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in the United States and the Fair Work Act in Australia are examples of government legislation that sets various standards for employment practices, including minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor regulations. In order to comply with the FLSA and the Fair Work Act, hourly employees are required to be clocked in to complete any job-related tasks, including any that may exist as part of the clock-in process itself.

App Version Numbers and System Requirements

Want to know more about the NoahFace App version numbering conventions and system requirements?

Top Time Clock Software for Restaurants: iPad Based Time & Attendance Tracking with NoahFace

NoahFace's iPad-based smart time clocks redefine convenience and accuracy. The software’s flexibility knows no bounds, effortlessly accommodating the diverse needs of both back-of-house staff and customer-facing employees. Have employees that work across both FOH and BOH? NoahFace can easily manage that as well, allowing employees to change their assigned work station for tracking throughout their shift.

NoahFace Announces Integration with 2cloudnine Payroll Platform

NoahFace is pleased to announce a new integration with 2cloudnine, an end-to-end payroll platform that enables organisations to transform their approach to time and attendance.

Enhanced Integrations with Leading HR Platforms

NoahFace continues to invest heavily in enhancing integrations with leading payroll and HR platforms. Our most recent platform update significantly improves the integrations with Workday, UKG Ready, UKG Dimensions, and isolved.

Enhanced Employment Hero Integration

NoahFace continues to invest heavily in enhancing integrations with leading payroll and HR platforms. Our most recent platform update significantly improves the integration with Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay).

The Importance of Soliciting Employee Feedback for Healthy Workplaces

By actively listening to and addressing the concerns, opinions, and emotions of their workforce, organizations can foster a positive culture, boost engagement, and unlock their full potential. 

NoahFace Completes SOC 2 Security Audit

As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting our customer's data, NoahFace is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed a SOC 2 Security Audit.

The Best Manufacturing Time Clock Features for Time & Attendance Tracking

Like many industries, manufacturing companies have some specific time & attendance needs, so let’s take a look at the history of traditional time clocks in manufacturing, how time clock apps can better serve manufacturing companies, and the best time clock features for manufacturing

NoahFace Named Top 5 Finalist in HR Innovation Competition at Unleash America

NoahFace has been named one of five finalists in Unleash America's HR Innovation Awards for 2023. The competition sets out to identify and recognize the leading young innovators in the HR tech space.

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Employee Time Clock Apps for iPads

Discover the top 10 reasons to consider a switch to employee time clock apps for iPads in place of traditional time clock hardware.

Best Time Clock Features for Construction Companies

The nature of the workplace for construction companies requires a time clock with specific features and functions, including GPS tracking, facial recognition, and job tracking. While there are many time clocks on the market that offer some of these features, the best construction time clocks will offer all or most of these features. 

Privacy and Employee Phone Numbers

Employee phone numbers are considered personal information, and managing and using employee phone numbers therefore needs special consideration from privacy perspective.

How to Stop Time Clock Fraud: Understanding Time Theft & Tips to Minimize Clocking Fraud

Whether accidental misclocks or intentional buddy punching (and everything between), employee time theft is a real challenge facing virtually any business with hourly workers. And frankly, the statistics are staggering. ‍According to a report from Robert Half International, employers lose an average of 4.5 hours per week, per employee to time theft.

Is Unpaid Overtime the Next Ticking Time Bomb?

Over the last 5 years we've seen numerous high profile payroll compliance cases where employees were not provided their rest break entitlements. Is unpaid overtime the next ticking time bomb?

Attestations at Clock Out

NoahFace announces support for attestations at clock out in both the NoahFace kiosk App and the NoahFace Go mobile App.

Responsible Use of Biometrics

NoahFace is a strong advocate for personal privacy and the protection of personal information. We recognize that biometrics are a special form of personal information that requires extra protections as well as compliance with local regulations. As a solution provider or employer, you have an obligation to protect employee privacy and to use biometrics responsibly.

Visualizing Employee Work Hours using Microsoft Power BI

NoahFace is excited to announce an integration with Microsoft Power BI, a leading Business Intelligence platform that allows you to create rich, interactive data visualizations.

NoahFace Smart Time Clocks Now Integrated with UKG Dimensions

NoahFace is now an official UKG Partner, offering a direct integration with UKG Dimensions, in addition to the existing integration with UKG Ready.

Reduce Employee Attrition with NoahFace Sentiment Analysis

With the addition of the new Employee Sentiment Analysis tools from NoahFace, businesses now have a simple, effective way to collect feedback from front line workers at the end of each shift. This information, when aggregated through the build-in reporting tools, allows managers and human resources leaders the ability to improve retention by identifying highly dissatisfied employees, low-sentiment groups, or identify trends within specific locations or sites. 

New Partnership Announcement: Green Leaf Business Solutions

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Green Leaf Business Solutions, a leading cannabis HR consulting, payroll compliance & timekeeping provider.

New Partnership Announcement: Würk

NoahFace and Würk are proud to announce a new partnership that will bring the power of NoahFace's time & attendance technology to Würk's business and human capital management software and services.

Enhanced KeyPay Integration

NoahFace has significantly improved our integration with KeyPay to provide far greater flexibility to our joint customers.

Enterprise Security

NoahFace continues to deliver enterprise security features to protect our customer's data.

Work Crews

Supervising Work Crews in the Field? Use the NoahFace Go mobile App.

Job Tracking

NoahFace announces our next generation Job Tracking solution designed for manufacturing, construction, logistics, and service organisations.

Piecework with UKG Ready

NoahFace continues to enhance our integration with UKG Ready. Our latest release allows you capture piecework counters at the end of a shift, such as the number of buckets of fruit picked, and to pass this to UKG Ready to automate pay calculations.

Management Reports

NoahFace continues to deliver enhancements to our management reporting capabilities.

Deeper and Richer Integrations

NoahFace continues to deliver enhancements to integrations with leading HR platforms: KeyPay, UKG Ready, and ELMO.

Alcohol Screening with Alcolizer

NoahFace announces integration with Alcolizer to support industries with heavy or dangerous equipment (eg: Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, and Transport) that have a zero tolerance for alcohol in the workplace.

Scheduled Reports

NoahFace announces a major update to the NoahFace Dashboard reporting platform.

Temperature Screening with Infrared Thermometers

NoahFace announces integration with the UFR101 Infrared Thermometer to provide Temperature Screening solutions.

Management on the Go

NoahFace announces a major update to the NoahFace Go mobile App. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders can now use NoahFace Go on their mobile phone to manage employees, work crews, and evacuations.

Alcohol Screening with AlcoMeasure

NoahFace announces integration with the AlcoMeasure to support industries with heavy or dangerous equipment (eg: Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, and Transport) that have a zero tolerance for alcohol in the workplace.

Hola NoahFace!

NoahFace announces that the NoahFace App has been updated with support Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Private Vaults Australia

One of Australia’s leading personal wealth protection companies, Private Vaults Australia, has just added the NoahFace iPad based facial recognition and multi-factor authentication solution to their secure storage and trading facility.

Canberra Airport Boosting Security

Canberra Airport has boosted protection for its secure and sterile areas with facial recognition.

Facial Recognition with your Takeaway Coffee

Bahista Cafe is using facial recognition to streamline takeaway coffee orders.

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