Time & Attendance Solutions for Transportation & Logistics

The Smart Time Clock for
Transportation Companies

With features designed specifically for transportation & logistics companies, smart time clocks from NoahFace transform iPads and smartphones into configurable time & attendance solutions.

Transform your time & attendance solutions

Smart Time Clocks for Transportation & Logistics

Designed with transportation companies in mind, NoahFace offers lightning-fast clocking using facial recognition technology on wall-mounted iPads, as well as on-the-go solutions with location captures through the NoahFace Go mobile app.

This smart time clock is packed with features: 

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Screenshot of GPS location services for time clock app

mobile time clock for transportation workers

GPS Location Services

The NoahFace Go mobile app provides a simple and intuitive user experience for staff who work on-the-go, and grants managers the ability to track where workers are clocking in and out. The home screen clearly shows an employee's current work status (eg: Not Working, Working for 4 hours, On Break, etc), and provides them with simple actions based on this status (eg: Clock In, Change Task, Start Break, etc).

In addition, the NoahFace Go mobile App automatically captures geolocations, storing this information with each event. When staff clock in at a known work site, the project or cost center can be automatically applied, simplifying the clocking process for staff and eliminating cost allocation errors.

You can also choose to enforce geofencing, so staff can only clock in and out while they are at your known work sites or hubs, eliminating time fraud.

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lightning fast facial recognition

Touchless & Minimal Touch Clock-in Options

With NoahFace, lightning-fast facial recognition helps your team get on the clock fast and accurately. This technology also helps ensure accuracy and security of the people at your work sites. Plus, when coupled with the optional alcohol screening solution, NoahFace can make sure that only unimpaired drivers are clocking in and getting behind the wheel.

Curious what slow clocking is costing your company? Try out the NoahFace ROI calculator! With a few pieces of data about your organization, our team can provide a calculation based on the American Payroll Association's data estimates.

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alcohol screening

Seamlessly Conduct Alcohol Breath Testing at Clock In

Reduce the risk of workplace injuries and minimize legal risk with the optional alcohol screening solution from NoahFace. When an employee is identified at the time clock at the start of their shift, they will then be promoted to conduct a breath test at the adjacent wall-mounted device.

Those with normal readings are granted access, and those with elevated readings are denied access. Alert emails can be sent for elevated readings, and all events are securely stored in the Cloud for viewing and reporting

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Alcolizer Time Clock Integration

The Time Clock, Transformed

Discover how our smart time clock solutions can improve your company's efficiency and mitigate risk.

Facial Recognition Time Clocks


Ensure Compliance
with Attestations

Highly configurable and customizable, attestations within the NoahFace platform allow employers to require confirmation from employees about details recorded throughout the workday. This can include confirming clocking times, recording that required rest breaks were taking, reporting information about safety issues, and much more.

Attestations can be configured at clock-in or clock-out, as well as during job tracking events. The system can also be configured with email alerts and daily reports.

limited network connections

NoahFace Works Seamlessly Offline

When you need a reliable time clock, no matter what the day may bring, NoahFace can answer the call. The system works seamlessly offline in cases of network outages or poor signals, then automatically syncs all data and clocking events once the connection is reestablished.

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focus on safety and compliance

Create & Maintain Safe, Compliant Sites

Fatigue Monitoring

Employees that have been working long shifts have reduced productivity, are more likely to make mistakes, and are subject to an increased risk of workplace injuries. Managers can automatically receive notifications on their mobile phone when employees have been working too long and are due for a break.

Evacuation and Muster Reporting

In the event of an evacuation, managers can use their mobile phone at the muster point to view the list of employees and visitors that are on site, perform a roll call and tick everyone off one by one, and initiate a phone call to anyone who cannot be located.

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