Time & Attendance Solutions for Senior Living Centers

The Smart Time Clock for
Senior Living Facilities

The Smart Time Clock is designed with features specifically for senior living centers and optimizing employee time tracking and visitor registration needs in the residential facilities.

Transform your time & attendance solutions

Smart Time Clocks for Senior Living Facilities

NoahFace offers lightning-fast clocking using facial recognition technology on wall-mounted iPads, as well as on-the-go solutions with location captures through the NoahFace Go mobile app for staff that work at multiple facilities or on-the-go.  

This smart time clock is packed with features: 

Screenshots for iPad time clock for senior living facilities

integrates with leading payroll systems

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... and many other leading payroll and HRM systems. If you don't see your payroll system listed, please reach out to discuss how NoahFace CAN work with your solution

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lightning fast facial recognition

Touchless & Minimal Touch Clock-in Options

While NoahFace offers multiple identification methods for its time clock solutions - including access cards, passcodes, QR codes and more - our software is perhaps best known for its lightning-fast facial recognition time clocks. This technology also helps ensure accuracy and security of the people at your work sites.

In residential senior communities, these touchless and minimal touch operations create a more efficient and safer workplace.

Senior Living Employees
Digital Thermometer Time Clock

DISCLAIMER: This device is not marketed or intended to be used as a medical device to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition. This device does not determine the core body temperature of subjects nor can it determine if a virus is present.

Temperature Screening

Create Safer Workplaces with Integrated Temperature Screening

Protect your workforce with the NoahFace temperature screening solution, which offers touchless  screening at the time clock in just seconds.

Employees glance at an iPad to be identified, then are prompted to  and record their temperature using the integrated thermometer.

Those with normal temperatures will be clocked in to work, while any employees with an elevated temperature will be provided with appropriate instructions.

visitor registration

Safely and Efficiently Log Visitors Into the Facility

NoahFace runs on an iPad mounted in your reception area, providing comprehensive visitor registration capabilities including:

  • Capture visitor details and photos
  • Visitor types with conditional logic
  • Safety screening questions
  • Temperature and alcohol screening
  • Confidentiality policies
  • Host selection and notification
  • Badge / label printing
  • Evacuation reporting

Visitors simply approach the iPad and follow the on screen instructions to record their details.

visitor registration
Visitor registration kiosk at Senior Living facility

The Time Clock, Transformed

Discover how our smart time clock solutions can improve your company's efficiency and mitigate risk.

meal & Rest Breaks

Recording & Enforcing
Employee Breaks

In many states and in countries around the world, employees are entitled to a set number of unpaid meal breaks and/or paid rest breaks. In order to remain in compliance with these requirements - and to be able to prevent costly wage theft lawsuits and fines - employers need to keep a proper record of these breaks to prove that workers are paid correctly.

NoahFace allows employers to capture both paid and unpaid breaks and to enforce minimum break periods by restricting clock-ins until the required time has elapsed.

Apple iPad (9th Generation)
Facial Recognition Time Clocks


Ensure Compliance
with Attestations

Highly configurable and customizable, attestations within the NoahFace platform allow employers to require confirmation from employees about details recorded throughout the workday. This can include confirming clocking times, recording that required rest breaks were taking, reporting information about safety issues, and much more.

Attestations can be configured at clock-in or clock-out, as well as during job tracking events. The system can also be configured with email alerts and daily reports.

support a happier workplace for every employee

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Continuously collect feedback from your front line workers with the NoahFace Sentiment Analysis feature. Reduce attrition by identifying high-risk employees and by monitoring trends in certain areas of your business.

Listening to this feedback can help you to quickly identify areas of your business where there is discontent, enabling you to make targeted changes to improve harmony, productivity, and retention.

Employee sentiment analysis screenshot GIF

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