The Smart iPad-Powered
Time Clock for Workday

Time & Attendance for Front Line Workers with Biometric Clocking, Offline Operation and More

With its Workday plug-and-play integration, the NoahFace time & attendance solutions transform an iPad into the world's most powerful smart time clock with lightning-fast touchless recognition, offline operation, and much more.

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The Smartest Time Clock on the Market

powerful time & attendance for workday

Discover more about NoahFace and what makes these iPad-powered facial clocking kiosks the best on the market. With more than 60 configurable features and almost endless customization options, as well as both mounted and mobile app solutions, NoahFace is suited for any company with time-keeping needs for hourly employees and front line workers.

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About the Workday Integration

Workday and NoahFace have partnered to create a deep integration between the employee-facing time clock solutions of NoahFace and the powerful payroll and employee management capabilities within Workday, including: 

  • iPad Kiosk and Mobile Clocking
  • Multiple Identification Methods
  • Meal and Rest Breaks
  • Attestations at Clock Out
  • Automatic Timesheet Creation
  • Visitor Registration
  • ... and much, much more!

NoahFace is designed for large enterprises, with a focus on security, privacy, scalability, performance, and reliability, allowing you to collect punches during network outages and Workday maintenance windows.

Enforce Legislative Compliance

Ensure your company remains in compliance with local, state and federal legislation surrounding attestations of hours worked, meal and rest breaks, and more.

Ensure compliance in the state of California and other states through attestations at clock out, which require workers to complete attestations to confirm details recorded about the workday.

Tracking and Recording Breaks
Record and differentiate between break types (i.e., paid rest break vs unpaid meal break) with configurable break tracking functionality.

time clock compliance
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Employees can be restricted as to where and when they can clock in using validations based on:

  • Clock Locations
  • Schedules
  • Time of Day
  • Geo Fences
  • Minimum Break Times

Timesheet Allocations

Through its deep integration with Workday, NoahFace allows employees to allocate worked hours to:

  • Multiple Positions
  • Time Entry Codes
  • Cost Centers
  • Custom Worktags

Allocations can be manually selected, scanned from barcodes, or automatically derived from the clock or site.

timesheet allocations

Top Features for Front Line Workers

Speed and efficiency

Facial Recognition Time Clock
Facial Recognition

Put an end to time clock fraud and supercharge the speed of your team's clocking with accurate, reliable facial recognition technology.

iSolved Time Clock Integration
Plug-and Play Integration

Our iPad-based time clocks capture data on site and relay that to your Workday timecards through the real-time integration.


Offline Operation Icon
Offline Operation

NoahFace time clocks can operate offline, capturing clocking data both without a network connection and during Workday maintenance windows. It then syncs the data to Workday once connectivity is re-established.
Icon for iPad Time Clock
Low-Cost, Accessible Hardware

Say goodbye to expensive proprietary hardware and heavy upfront costs, and save thousands by using NoahFace on a standard off-the-shelf Apple iPad.

safety and compliance

Icon for Employee Attestation
Employee Attestation

NoahFace offers attestation at clock-in and clock-out, ensuring employees and managers are aware of and compliant with company and legislative policies.

Icon for Temperature Screening Time Clock
Alcohol & Temperature Screening

Promote safe workplaces with optional alcohol and temperature screening features through integrations with breath testing devices & thermometers.

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customer testimonials

What Some of Our Clients & Partners Say

"It has all of the options we need (touchless, attestation, job allocation, temperature reader add-on, etc.), but more importantly, once it's setup, you're done ... Highly recommended - this is the best option out there."

Ben L.

From G2 Reviews

"Seamlessly efficient is the best way to describe NoahFace. We have implemented NoahFace for many of our clients and have been using it ourselves for a while now. It is more than just a basic time clock-in solution – it offers facial recognition, temperature, and alcohol screening."

Anthony L.

From G2 Reviews
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