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The Smart iPad Time Clock for
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Reduce Time Clock Fraud, Long Lines at the Time Clock & Compliance Risks

With its plug-and-play integration, the NoahFace time & attendance solutions transform an iPad into the world's most powerful smart time clock for Employment Hero with lightning-fast touchless recognition, offline operation, and much more.

NoahFace Time Clock Screens on iPad

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The Time Clock, Transformed

Explore the features that make NoahFace the smartest time clock on the market

Facial Recognition

Put an end to time clock fraud and supercharge the speed of your team's clocking with accurate, reliable facial recognition technology

End-to-End Integrations

With real-time integrations with leading payroll systems, our iPad-based time clocks capture data on site and relay that to your payroll solution in real time

No Touch / Limited Touch Options

Create a safer, more productive workplace with touch-free or minimal touch configurations that rely on biometrics or badge scanning

Offline Operation

NoahFace time clocks can operate offline, capturing all clocking data in any environment, then syncing to UKG once a connection is re-established

No Expensive Hardware Required

Say goodbye to expensive proprietary hardware and heavy upfront costs, and save thousands by using NoahFace on a standard off-the-shelf Apple iPad

Highly Customizable

A powerful, highly configurable system, our time & attendance solutions can easily scale from small, simple operations to large, complex companies

Attestation at Clock In / Clock Out

NoahFace offers attestation at clock-in and clock-out, ensuring employees and managers are aware of and compliant with company and legislative policies

Employee Fatigue Tracking

Managers can elect to receive notifications on their mobile device when employees have been working too long and are due for a break

Alcohol & Temperature Screening

Promote safe workplaces with optional alcohol and temperature screening features through integrations with breath testing devices & thermometers

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Overview and Pricing

For a custom quote designed specifically for your organization's needs, please contact our team or book an introduction meeting and demo using the calendar below.  

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Case Study: Transforming Time Tracking at Garlo's Pies

When Garlo's Pies introduced NoahFace time clocks into their food manufacturing facilities, they were looking for a better time tracking experience that would help to reduce time clock fraud, improve employee morale, and make their overall business operations more efficient.

Explore the case study to learn more about how the company deployed NoahFace to reach all of these goals, leading to a more secure, more streamlined, and more positive workplace.

Facial Recognition Time Clocks


Ensure Compliance
with Attestations

Highly configurable and customizable, attestations within the NoahFace platform allow employers to require confirmation from employees about details recorded throughout the workday. This can include confirming clocking times, recording that required rest breaks were taking, reporting information about safety issues, and much more.

Attestations can be configured at clock-in or clock-out, as well as during job tracking events. The system can also be configured with email alerts and daily reports.

meal & Rest Breaks

Recording & Enforcing
Employee Breaks

In many states and in countries around the world, employees are entitled to a set number of unpaid meal breaks and/or paid rest breaks. In order to remain in compliance with these requirements - and to be able to prevent costly wage theft lawsuits and fines - employers need to keep a proper record of these breaks to prove that workers are paid correctly.

NoahFace allows employers to capture both paid and unpaid breaks and to enforce minimum break periods by restricting clock-ins until the required time has elapsed.

Apple iPad (9th Generation)

Customize Your Time Tracking Solution.

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Digital Thermometer Time Clock

DISCLAIMER: This device is not marketed or intended to be used as a medical device to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition. This device does not determine the core body temperature of subjects nor can it determine if a virus is present.

Temperature Screening

Create Safer Workplaces with Integrated Temperature Screening

Protect your workforce with the NoahFace temperature screening solution, which offers touchless  screening at the time clock in just seconds.

Employees glance at an iPad to be identified, then are prompted to  and record their temperature using the integrated thermometer.

Those with normal temperatures will be clocked in to work, while any employees with an elevated temperature will be provided with appropriate instructions.

alcohol screening

Seamlessly Conduct Alcohol Breath Testing at Clock In

Reduce the risk of workplace injuries and minimize legal risk with the optional alcohol screening solution from NoahFace. When an employee is identified at the time clock at the start of their shift, they will then be promoted to conduct a breath test at the adjacent wall-mounted device.

Those with normal readings are granted access, and those with elevated readings are denied access. Alert emails can be sent for elevated readings, and all events are securely stored in the Cloud for viewing and reporting

More About Alcohol Screening
Alcolizer Time Clock Integration

noahface vs. other providers

How We Compare

NoahFace time & attendance solutions for Employment Hero are different. We are committed to offering the most robust, customizable time clock on the market for Employment Hero Payroll. Learn more about how NoahFace stacks up against other solutions.

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Facial Recognition
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Health & Safety Acknowledgements
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Attestations at Clock Out
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Sentiment Capture
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current partner testimonials

What Some of Our Partners Say

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“NoahFace is very simple to use, requires very little support, and can be downloaded and activated within 5 minutes. It is the best time attendance I have ever used or seen in the market and can be used all over the world. NoahFace has made time attendance a seamless experience for our clients.”

Martin F.


“Once NoahFace is setup, it is invisible. I never hear from my clients who are using it -- no questions, no problems, it just hums along, collecting times. Our main issue was lineups at the timeclocks. NoahFace has made the clock-in/out process so fast, there are no lineups at all.”

Nancy S.

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