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At NoahFace we're passionate about improving the way people live and work through the adoption of facial recognition technology. Our mission is to make processes more efficient, convenient, secure, and safe, and to make interactions between people more personalised.


At NoahFace we care deeply about your right to privacy. Our solutions are opt-in, requiring you to actively register, and are focused on delivering clear benefits to those who use them. We don't use facial recognition to scan crowds, to identify the 'bad guy', or to track people's movements.


The NoahFace technology was conceived in 2015 to help a busy Sydney café owner address regular customers by their first name and remember their preferred coffee orders. After 18 months of prototyping and stress testing in a production environment, and seeing large improvements in customer loyalty and profitability result, Noah Facial Recognition was launched.

The name "NoahFace" came from the phrase "know-a-face"!


NoahFace Facial Recognition holds the following licenses:

NSW Security Master License number: 000104025

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