Time & Attendance Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The Smart Time Clock for
Manufacturing Companies

With features designed specifically for manufacturing organizations, smart time clocks from NoahFace transform iPads and smartphones into configurable time & attendance solutions.

Transform your time & attendance solutions

iPad Based Time Clocks for Manufacturing Companies

Designed with manufacturing companies in mind, NoahFace offers lightning-fast clocking using facial recognition technology that eliminates long lines at the clock at shift change.

This smart time clock is packed with features: 

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integrates with leading payroll systems

Featured Payroll System Integrations

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... and many other leading payroll and HRM systems. If you don't see your payroll system listed, please reach out to discuss how NoahFace CAN work with your solution

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lightning fast facial recognition

Touchless & Minimal Touch Clock-in Options

Gloved hands and time clock queues at shift change can drive the need for fast, touch-free or low-touch clocking options. With NoahFace, lightning-fast facial recognition helps your team get on the clock fast and accurately.

Curious what slow clocking is costing your company? Try out the NoahFace ROI calculator! With a few pieces of data about your organization, our team can provide a calculation based on the American Payroll Association's data estimates.

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Job tracking & job costing solutions

Fast and Accurate Job Tracking for Manufacturing

Our Job Tracking / Job Costing solution is designed for manufacturing companies that need to track the time spent on individual jobs. While there are several ways to track job numbers, the most efficient option for complex tracking is using a bar code scanner, which can track complex jobs quickly and efficiently.

The Time Clock, Transformed

Discover how our smart time clock solutions can improve your company's efficiency and mitigate risk.

Alcohol screening device for time clock integratio

Promote a safer workplace

Alcohol Screening

With a direct integration with several breath testing devices, NoahFace offers businesses the ability to operate their time clock and alcohol analysis from a single system.

How It Works: 

The employee clocks in using facial recognition at the wall-mounted iPad, and are then prompted to perform a breath test at the Alcolizer device.

The Alcolizer returns the reading to NoahFace. NoahFace either grants or denies access based on the reading and the configured threshold.

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limited network connections

NoahFace Works Seamlessly Offline

When you need a reliable time clock, no matter what the day may bring, NoahFace can answer the call. The system works seamlessly offline in cases of network outages or poor signals, then automatically syncs all data and clocking events once the connection is reestablished.

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focus on safety and compliance

Create & Maintain Safe, Compliant Sites

Fatigue Monitoring

Employees that have been working long shifts have reduced productivity, are more likely to make mistakes, and are subject to an increased risk of workplace injuries. Managers can automatically receive notifications on their mobile phone when employees have been working too long and are due for a break.

Evacuation and Muster Reporting

In the event of an evacuation, managers can use their mobile phone at the muster point to view the list of employees and visitors that are on site, perform a roll call and tick everyone off one by one, and initiate a phone call to anyone who cannot be located.

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support a happier workplace for every employee

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Continuously collect feedback from your front line workers with the NoahFace Sentiment Analysis feature. Reduce attrition by identifying high-risk employees and by monitoring trends in certain areas of your business.

Listening to this feedback can help you to quickly identify areas of your business where there is discontent, enabling you to make targeted changes to improve harmony, productivity, and retention.

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