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Cost Savings

Because of the low hardware costs required to operate NoahFace, The Artist Tree estimates annual cost savings of $10,000 per year against other time tracking solutions

The Artist Tree
California, U.S.A.

The Artist Tree

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Significant Reduction in Time Punch Errors
Elimination of Employee Time Theft
Elimination of Shift Change Lines at the Clock
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newberry, south carolina, U.S.A.

Falcon Boats

Fingerprint Time Clock Alternative
More Efficient New Employee Registration
Serve Predominately Spanish-Speaking Staff
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Multi-Language Support

Falcon Boats has been able to better support its diverse workforce by configuring its smart time clocks to each employee's preferred language

Falcon Boats Employees
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Employee Morale

By tracking sentiment at clock-out, Garlo's Pies has been able to respond to employee's concerns and improve job satisfaction ratings

Garlo's Pies Employees
Sydney, australia

Garlo's Pies

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Employee Sentiment Analysis
Reduction of Time Clock Fraud
Dramatic Improvement of Payroll Efficiency
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