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About Garlo's Pies

Established in 2001 as a small pie shop in Maroubra, Sydney, Australia, Garlo's Pies is a family-owned business with an advanced food production facility and a commitment to quality certifications, operating with a dedicated team across multiple shifts to meet demand.

This case study delves into Garlo's Pies' transformative journey in addressing time clock fraud and enhancing operational efficiency through the implementation of NoahFace's facial recognition technology in 2023. 

Led by Jackson Garlick, Garlo’s Pies General Manager, the company sought to combat fraudulent clock-ins prevalent in their previous time & attendance system, a vulnerability that led to significant losses due to "buddy punching." 

By integrating NoahFace, Garlo's Pies ensures precise clocking events, safeguards against unsupervised clock-ins, and significantly improves team management. Moreover, the utilization of sentiment analysis within NoahFace has not only bolstered staff morale by promptly addressing concerns but also enabled real-time responsiveness to employee feedback, showcasing a proactive approach to enhancing the overall work experience. 

Reducing Time Clock Fraud

One of the challenges that the Garlo’s Pies leadership team was looking to solve centered on challenges with fraudulent clock-ins. Under the company’s previous time & attendance solution, employees could easily share their individual access numbers to clock co-workers in before they arrived on site. This type of time clock fraud - commonly called “buddy punching” - can cause companies like Garlo’s Pies significant losses over time and with frequency. 

“Our previous time and attendance software didn’t capture images. This left us vulnerable to time fraud across our business operations.”
Jackson Garlick
General Manager
Garlo’s Pies
Garlo's Pies Facility Exterior

By configuring NoahFace’s innovative facial recognition technology, Garlo’s is able to ensure that every clocking event is accurately captured and attributed to the correct employee. While the company does not yet have a full picture of the net gain from the system change to NoahFace, Garlick acknowledges that the improvement is notable.

Creating More Efficient Team Management

In addition to protecting against time clock fraud, Garlo’s Pies has configured NoahFace to ensure that the unsupervised staff are clocking in and out according to their team schedules. With provisions in place to prevent clocking events outside of rostered hours, the company is able to further protect against intentional or unintentional losses from errant clock ins. 

“Facial recognition software has dramatically improved our reconciliation of timesheets,” Garlick notes. “In addition to the automatic systems in place, our payroll staff are able to work through payroll more efficiently and more quickly every pay period.” 

Garlo’s also makes use of the NoahFace evacuation and muster features, creating a safer, more secure workplace all within a single system. 

Facial Recognition Time Clock and Mobile Time Tracking Screenshots

Monitoring & Improving Employee Morale

"The sentiment analysis is a great way to capture our employees happiness at the end of each shift. By having the data daily, Garlo’s management can react in real time to unhappiness or dissatisfaction from individual employees, or a whole department."

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Jackson Garlick

General Manager • Garlo's Pies

Improved Morale & Morale Monitoring

Screenshot from sentiment and employee morale report

Garlo’s Pies uses the sentiment analysis feature within NoahFace to ask for and receive real-time feedback from employees on how they’re feeling about their workday. 

"The sentiment analysis is a great way to capture our employees happiness at the end of each shift,” Garlick said. “By having the data daily, Garlo’s management can react in real time to unhappiness or dissatisfaction from individual employees, or a whole department.” 

That responsiveness to employee dissatisfaction has already had an enormous impact on staff morale. In fact, as of today, less than 5% of Garlo’s Pies are rating their work experience as “unsatisfactory.” By quickly identifying areas of concerns, the company’s management team to reach out directly to employees for specific feedback, which the company then uses to address concerns and improve the experience for its employees. 

“Real-time analysis provides more opportunity to address issues before they turn into ongoing problems,” Garlick says. 

About Garlo's Pies

Sydney, Australia

Established by father and sons Terry, Sean & Nathan  “Garlo” Garlick in 2001, the business started as a small pie shop in Maroubra, Sydney Australia.  It is a 100% Australian owned and operated Family Business which currently has 9 direct family members working in the business.It began when Sean, a retired professional footballer with the South Sydney Rabbitohs joined forces with father Terry, a retired mechanic and brother Nathan a qualified pastry chef and lifetime pie lover. 

Since that time, Garlo’s Pies has expanded significantly in the retail, wholesale and export business and has recently moved into a brand new, purpose built, state of the art food production facility in Kingsgrove, Sydney.

In 2016 Garlo’s moved from their Head Office & Bakery situated at St. Peters, Sydney into a brand new facility in Kingsgrove, in the inner south west of Sydney. The new facility occupies 4,500 square metres with Garlo’s achieving accreditations which include: HACCP & SQF Certification Certified Meat Export Establishment Halal Certification Kosher Certification.

The business operates across 5 days per week, with rolling shifts beginning at 3am and finishing at 10pm daily. Currently, Garlo’s has a total of 85 staff with an additional 20-30 labour hire staff assisting with contract work.

Garlo's Pies in Sydney
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