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Access Control

NoahFace uses facial recognition technology and a standard Apple iPad to create secure, efficient access control software for businesses of every size.

Your face is your key

Access Control with Frictionless Entry

Empower completely hands-free and card-free security in your facilities and prevent unauthorized access with frictionless entry using facial recognition. Employees, vendors and visitors with access just need to glance at the mounted iPad to unlock and open the door.

Frictionless entry can be used in any workplace to replace access cards or PINs, including: 

How It Works

NoahFace runs on an iPad mounted next to your door, constantly monitoring for people approaching.

When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces using facial recognition technology. If there is a match, it evaluates your configured access rules and, if appropriate, informs a small receiver mounted behind the door or in your ceiling cavity.

The receiver either directly releases the magnetic lock (in a stand-alone configuration), or informs your existing access control system (in an integrated configuration).

The configured access rules include support for day-of-week and time-of-day restrictions, and you can set different identification requirements at different times. For example, you can allow fast and convenient facial recognition access during business hours, while requiring a passcode or even an access card outside of these hours.

A photographic record all access attempts is stored in an event log so you can examine it later if needed.

Access Control Management on iPad

Smart Access Control Operations

Discover how Access Control through NoahFace can improve efficiency in your workplace.

Access Control Multi Factor Authentication Screenshot

Added protection for your
most secure areas

Multi-Factor Authentication

When your workplace involves areas that require stronger security features, Multi-Factor Authentication offers another layer of protection.

Staff present themselves and are instantly identified using facial recognition. They then confirm their identity using another factor (eg: PIN, Google Authenticator, or an Access Card).

Once all factors are confirmed, your access rules are evaluated and the door opens if access is permitted.

By confirming a person's identity using multiple factors, you can be confident only those that should have access do gain access.

Multi-Factor Authentication can be used in any environment containing valuable or dangerous assets or data, including data centers, warehouses, research labs, and more.

Capture policy acknowledgements

Compliance Features

With compliance configurations, staff present themselves are instantly identified using facial recognition.

Your policies or conditions of entry are displayed, and each policy must be acknowledged in order to proceed. Once they are, your access rules are evaluated and the door opens if access is permitted.

In addition to constantly reminding staff of your policies, these features also create a photographic and time-stamped audit trail of all entries to reduce legal risks.

Access Control Compliance Screenshot

customer reviews

What Access Control Customers Say

"Having the ability to randomly question staff throughout our facility with the NoahFace Compliance feature is an excellent way of keeping our staff up to date with OH&S issues and training."

~ Bruno Ghignone
JD Security

Bruno Ghighone Headshot

"Our busy staff enter our locked storeroom hundreds of times a day and love the frictionless entry. It's given us a huge productivity gain."

~ Sean Sampson
Telstra Store Owner

Sean Sampson

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