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For employees and managers who need instant, reliable time & attendance tools in the palms of their hands, NoahFace Go is the choice for mobile time clock apps

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Meet NoahFace Go: Mobile Time Clock App

The NoahFace Go mobile time clock app provides a simple and intuitive user experience designed to be used in the palm of your hand.

With various modes available for quick employee time tracking, efficient manager oversight, and work crew management, NoahFace Go is the ideal solution for on-the-go time and task tracking.

Mobile Time Tracking for: 

Like the NoahFace kiosk time clock solutions, NoahFace Go offers a variety of configurations through dozens of features, including the following highlights: 

Mobile Time Clock App Screenshots

mobile time Tracking for business Operations

Time Clock & Employee Management

Mobile Time Tracking for Employees

NoahFace Go offers a simple, fast time clock app for employees. The home screen clearly shows an employee's current work status - for instance, if they are not on the clock, how long they've been clocked in, or if they are on break -  and provides them with simple actions based on this status.

You choose the mode of operation that best suites your organization's needs: simple clocking, task tracking, or job tracking.

‍Each of these modes is highly configurable - for example, you can change the button text to support your preferred terminology, and even allow staff to enter time manually if desired.

Screenshot of mobile time tracking app for employees
Screenshot of mobile time clock app for managers

Staff Oversight for Managers

The NoahFace Go mobile app provides a view designed specifically for managers and supervisors to monitor and oversee staff.

Using the mobile app on their Apple or Android smartphone, managers can:

  • Group / crew clock-in
  • View the current status of employees and their recent events
  • Clock in and out employees that have forgotten to do so
  • Assign work types on the fly
  • Monitor for employee fatigue with automatic notifications
  • Manage workplace evacuations / mustering

Allowing managers to maintain real-time visibility of staff helps to promote a more efficient workplace with more accuracy around time and attendance tracking.

manager tools

Mobile Time Tracking for Work Crews

The NoahFace Go mobile app provides an intuitive user experience  for team leaders of work crews, such as fruit pickers, road maintenance crews, event staff, etc.

Work crew leaders can:

  • Manage the list of workers assigned to their team each day
  • Clock in and out individual workers, multiple workers, or their entire team in a single action
  • Assign work types and/or record piecework data during clocking

Captured times and job or task data automatically syncs to timesheets within your payroll system, delivering more efficient, reliable and accurate payments.

Screenshot of time clock app for work crews

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Capture or Restrict Clock Ins by Geographic location

Location Tracking Mobile Time Clock App

The NoahFace Go mobile App automatically captures geolocations, storing this information with each event.

You can pre-define the geolocation of each of your work sites, including a defined radius.

When staff clock in at a known work site, the project or cost center can be automatically applied, simplifying the clocking process for staff and eliminating cost allocation errors.


You can also choose to enforce geofencing, so staff can only clock in and out while they are at your known work sites, eliminating time fraud and ensuring only valid work hours are being captured.

Screenshot of time clock app with geofencing

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Fatigue Monitoring • muster reporting • Policy Acknowledgements

Health & Safety Features

Policy Acknowledgements

The NoahFace Go mobile app can display policies related to heath, safety, or other work conditions when employees clock in for work.

These policies can even be site specific, with the appropriate policies determined based on an employee's geolocation.

This helps protect both your employees and your organization.

Mobile Time Clock App Compliance Screenshot

Fatigue Monitoring

Employees that have been working long shifts have reduced productivity, are more likely to make mistakes, and are subject to an increased risk of workplace injuries.

Managers can automatically receive notifications on their mobile phone when employees have been working too long.

On the home screen, employees that have been working too long are at the top and are clearly highlighted in red.

Mobile Time Clock App Fatigue Alert Screenshot

Muster / Evacuation Reporting

In the event of an evacuation, at the muster point managers can use their mobile phone to:

  • View the list of employees and visitors that are on site
  • Perform a roll call and tick everyone off one by one
  • Optionally sign everyone out
  • Initiate a phone call to anyone who cannot be located

Mobile Time Clock App Evacuation Screenshot
Facial Recognition Time Clocks


Ensure Compliance
with Attestations

Highly configurable and customizable, attestations within the NoahFace platform allow employers to require confirmation from employees about details recorded throughout the workday. This can include confirming clocking times, recording that required rest breaks were taking, reporting information about safety issues, and much more.

Attestations can be configured at clock-in or clock-out, as well as during job tracking events. The system can also be configured with email alerts and daily reports.

meal & Rest Breaks

Recording & Enforcing
Employee Breaks

In many states and in countries around the world, employees are entitled to a set number of unpaid meal breaks and/or paid rest breaks. In order to remain in compliance with these requirements - and to be able to prevent costly wage theft lawsuits and fines - employers need to keep a proper record of these breaks to prove that workers are paid correctly.

NoahFace allows employers to capture both paid and unpaid breaks and to enforce minimum break periods by restricting clock-ins until the required time has elapsed.

Apple iPad (9th Generation)

data collection

Project and Cost Tracking

Screenshot of mobile app barcode scanner

The NoahFace Go mobile app provides rich and configurable functionality to allow you to collect the data necessary to allocate time to different cost centers, projects, jobs, or customers.

Examples of Data Collection

  • Simple Pick Lists: Employees select from a list of projects.
  • Nested Pick Lists: Employees select from a list of projects and then from a list of work types.
  • Geofencing: Projects are assigned automatically based on an employee's geolocation.
  • Barcodes: Employees enter job numbers by scanning barcodes on job sheets.
  • Piecework Entry: Employees enter the number of boxes they packed, deliveries they performed, etc.

Collecting costing data in real-time is vastly more efficient and results in more accurate costing.

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