Mobile phone running NoahFace Go showing map and iPad running NoahFace showing Jack and available actions.

Clock in with NoahFace

With its ELMO plug-and-play integration, the NoahFace time & attendance solutions offer lightning-fast touchless recognition, offline operation, and more.

NoahFace Features

NoahFace offers an out-of-the-box integration with ELMO, making it the perfect employee-facing solution to power your backend system. This iPad-powered time clock is packed with features, including: 

  • Touchless and minimal touch configurations
  • Consent & attestation questions
  • Job & task tracking
  • Group punching
  • Mandatory breaks
  • Integrated mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Dynamic cost center selection
  • Integrations with other hardware, including access control, temperature screening, alcohol screening and more
  • Facial Recognition Icon

    Touchless Facial Recognition

  • Data Capture Icon

    Multiple Data Capture Sources

  • Offline Operation Icon

    Works Offline / Low Bandwidth

current partner testimonials

What Our ELMO Partners Say

“We've seen increased productivity, happy, and safer employees. It just works!”

Mark Tomkins

Rhino Rack

“We are very happy with the NoahFace technology ... it's an excellent company to work with.”

Clinton Sanderson

Scott Group
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NoahFace + ELMO specialist

Geoff Cropley

Founder and Executive Director


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