Clock in with NoahFace

iPad and Mobile Time and Attendance


  • Time Clock for Hourly Paid and Salaried Staff
  • Lightning-Fast Touchless Recognition
  • Record Meal and Rest Breaks
  • Health and Safety Questions (Attestation)
  • Visitor Registration
  • Group Clocking
  • Data Retention and Destruction
  • iOS and Android Mobile Support
  • Geo-tracking and Geo-fencing
  • Reliable Offline Operation
  • Works Seamlessly with ELMO

Plug and Play
with ELMO


During Internet, Power and Scheduled Maintenance Outages
"Increased productivity, happy and safer employees.  It just works!"
Read the Rhino Rack Case Study
Mark Tomkins
Factory Supervisor
"Increased productivity. Very happy with the NoahFace technology. Excellent company to work with."
Read the BIS Industries Case Study
Russel Wellock
Group Technology Officer

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Geoff Cropley
Founder and Executive Director


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