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Meet The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree is a cannabis dispensary, hospitality and retail group that provides unique experiences for cannabis enjoyment throughout California. The Artist Tree is focused on providing immersive experiences and one-of-a-kind destinations for cannabis, community, and culture. 

Before switching its time clocks to NoahFace, The Artist Tree faced significant challenges with their time and attendance tracking system. Time theft, unreliable geo-fencing, and technical difficulties with their previous solution were affecting operational efficiency and accuracy. Seeking a reliable solution, they turned to NoahFace to address these issues.

The Challenges

unreliable systems created issues with time theft, accuracy and morale

Under its existing time and attendance tracking system, The Artist Tree encountered several challenges that impacted employees and the overall operations of the company, including the ability for employees to clock in and out even when they were not at the business location.

“The most concerning challenge was that our geo-fence was not reliable and team  members were able to clock in and out when they weren’t physically on site. This unfortunately led to a lot of time theft.”
Victoria Bernal
Corporate HR Manager
The Artist Tree
The Artist Tree

Additionally, technical difficulties with the previous app, such as frequent lockouts and login failures, further exacerbated the problem. Beyond creating inefficiencies and resource drains, these challenges also were impacting employee morale and trust that time was being tracked properly for accurate pay. 

Improvements With the Smart Time Clock

Reductions in costs and administrative workload

NoahFace provided a comprehensive solution to The Artist Tree's time and attendance tracking challenges. By upgrading to NoahFace, the company eliminated the need for team members to use their personal cell phones for business purposes, thus reducing administrative workload associated with account resets and time punch adjustments during app downtimes.

NoahFace's fast, accurate, and secure platform ensured seamless clock-ins and clock-outs, with enrollment taking less than a minute for new hires and clocking in/out taking just 10 seconds.

Transition to NoahFace: A Leap in Efficiency and Accessibility

One of the standout features of NoahFace for The Artist Tree was its ability to operate efficiently with just one iPad for their largest location, serving approximately 100 team members. This has completely eliminated shift change lines during clock-ins and clock-outs, and proved to be a cost-effective solution compared to renting multiple pieces of equipment.

As part of a cost analysis, Victoria Bernal, Corporate HR Manager for The Artist Tree, says the company is saving about $10,000 per year compared to other timekeeping options. Furthermore, NoahFace required minimal maintenance, with updates occurring automatically when not in use, unlike traditional badge or fingerprint-based systems that often required constant replacement and cleaning.

Significant Cost Savings

"This software is also very cost-effective because the iPad is a single investment and we do not have to rent any equipment. Upon analyzing and comparing the cost of NoahFace to other timekeeping options, NoahFace was the obvious decision because it was about $10,000 more affordable each year."

Victoria Bernal

Corporate HR Manager

Conclusion: A Powerful Solution for The Artist Tree

Since implementing NoahFace, The Artist Tree has observed a reduction in time punch errors within just a few months. This improvement in time clock technology has spurred further initiatives to enhance efficiency, such as developing a scheduler program and digitally tracking absences and tardiness. These enhancements are expected to boost employee morale by ensuring accurate compensation for their work.

NoahFace has emerged as a reliable and cost-effective solution for The Artist Tree, addressing their time and attendance tracking challenges while enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and minimal maintenance requirements, NoahFace has positioned The Artist Tree for continued success in their industry.

About The Artist Tree

Los Angeles, California

The Artist Tree is a cannabis dispensary, weed delivery, hospitality and retail group that provides unique experiences for cannabis enjoyment throughout California. The Artist Tree is focused on providing immersive experiences and one-of-a-kind destinations for cannabis, community, and culture. 

With more than 13 years of experience in the California cannabis industry, The Artist Tree team is passionate about changing how people experience cannabis.

The company’s mission is to provide safe access to legal cannabis, raise awareness of the health benefits of cannabis, showcase artists from the community and break stereotypes surrounding cannabis sales and consumption.

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