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Meet Falcon Boats

Headquartered in Newberry, South Carolina, Falcon Boats is a well-known manufacturer of custom bass boats in the United States. The company’s manufacturing division focuses on delivering top-notch quality and expert craftsmanship in their high-end bass boats, making them one of the most recognizable brands in the industry.

Time Clock Challenges

PRE-noahface era: Inefficiences and Technical limitations

Before implementing NoahFace, Falcon Boats faced significant challenges in time and attendance tracking at its Newberry manufacturing facility.

Initially, the manufacturing plant used a hand reader for employee identification at the time clock before eventually moving to a fingerprint scanner for clocking. Unfortunately, both of these solutions presented a number of challenges for both employees and the management team. 

“The customer service is second-to-none when it comes to responding to questions or resolving issues.”
Christina Howard
Falcon Boats
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Because cuts and abrasions are common in a manufacturing environment, employees frequently experienced difficulties clocking in or out due to minor cuts on their fingertips. This was extremely frustrating for employees trying to get on or off the clock, and often required support - and time - from the payroll department to correct and manually update clocking events. 

These systems also had notably sluggish enrollment times, with new employee registration requiring at least 24 hours for system updates. Adding to this operational inefficiency were systems that only communicated with employees in English, while the majority of Falcon Boats’ employees are Spanish-speaking. 

Time Clock Solutions

Transition to NoahFace: A Leap in Efficiency and Accessibility

Given the challenges Falcon Boats faced with other solutions, the company made the decision to make the switch to NoahFace and its facial recognition technology as a better alternative for their biometric time clocks. 

With NoahFace's advanced facial recognition, physical limitations like cuts on fingertips became irrelevant, ensuring seamless clocking in and out in just seconds. This improvement and speed has eliminated the employee frustration around difficult fingerprint scanning. 

And perhaps just as importantly, the company has been able to dramatically speed up the new employee registration process. Where the previous system took 24 hours to update, today enrolling a new employee has become a swift process. Using NoahFace, new employee registration takes less than 10 minutes from online registration to clock registration, with system updates syncing in under 30 minutes.

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enhanced features and capabilities

One area that Falcon Boats' Christina Howard highlighted is the support available as a NoahFace customer.

“The customer service is second-to-none when it comes to responding to questions or resolving issues,” Howard said. 

Howard also called out the user-friendly interface, both in the employee-facing time clock and the report generation for the payroll department. The ability to configure the time clock to display only two buttons - one for clocking in and one for clocking out - has dramatically simplified the use of the clock for the company’s employees and represented a marked improvement over the complex, multi-button systems of previous time clocks.

Additionally, the system's simplicity and the ability for the time clock to present screens in each employee’s preferred language has also effectively catered to the predominantly Spanish-speaking workforce, a first for Falcon Boats.

‍Aside from addressing the specific challenges of its previous clocking system, Falcon Boats has discovered many other benefits to its change to the NoahFace smart time clock solution.

Serving a Diverse Workforce

"The majority of our employees are Spanish-speaking only, and this is the first time clock system we have had that is easy to use and understand for everyone."

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Christina Howard

Falcon Boats

About Falcon Boats

Newberry, South Carolina

Falcon Boats was created with the goal to provide a high quality, high performing, tournament worthy boat at an affordable price.  The Falcon founders have over 90 years of combined boat manufacturing experience.  This experience, along with a passion for fishing, provides a wealth of knowledge on what goes into making the best fishing boat.  

Falcon boats, established in 2015, currently produces 8 bass boat models.  The boats are designed with a triple main beam stringer grid and a 99” beam to provide increased stability and an improved ride on rough waters.  The owners’ vast boat manufacturing experience in both the freshwater and saltwater industries are combined to build an exceptional boat for fishability and serviceability.  

The Falcon manufacturing facility is in Newberry, South Carolina.  

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