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Time Fraud & Slow Clocking Costs BILLIONS

There's no denying that time clock fraud and slow time clocks are costly to businesses. In fact, the American Payroll Association estimates that time fraud impacts 75% of businesses for losses totaling more than $400 billion each year. Add to that the inefficiency and natural loss that occurs from slow time clock solutions that compound in loss as businesses grow, and the need for a secure, efficient solution becomes more clear.

Ready to see what these challenges actually cost real organizations like yours? Let's first view an example:

Example Organization Costs: ACME Corporation

hourly staff


average pay rate


Time at clock

20 seconds

ACME Corporate has 5 time clocks and 450 hourly employees, whose average fully burdened hourly rate is $22. It takes the employees an average of 20 seconds each time they clock in at the start and end of their shifts and break periods. Let's take a look at what the inefficient clock and the average rate of time fraud will cost ACME each year, as well as the ROI and savings through NoahFace:

The REAL Cost of ACME Corporation's
Time Clocks

$191,665 / year

Cost with 13.6x ROI through NoahFace's Lightning Fast Clock + No Time Fraud

$14,145* / year

By resolving the time fraud issues and dramatically improving time clock efficiency, ACME Corporation is able to see massive annual savings.

Curious to see what your time clocks are costing your business? Complete the form below to receive your fully custom calculation and explanation of costs, as well as the ROI you could see with a more efficient, more secure time clock solution.

*Price shown for Year 2 costs and beyond. Year 1 costs will be higher due to hardware costs and setup fees. Please contact us using the form below for an estimate of your Year 1 and Year 2+ costs.

what is the true cost of your time clock?

Calculate Your Costs and Potential Savings

With your input of just 4 numbers, we will estimate the real cost of time fraud and slow clocking in your organization today. With this information, we can provide an estimate of the savings you could see from increasing efficiency and eliminating time fraud with NoahFace:

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