Introducing Schedule Enforcement for Workday, iSolved and Employment Hero

The Smart Time Clock’s IQ just raised a few more points with the introduction of a new set of features centered on schedule enforcement, including the ability to validate employee clocking attempts against their scheduled work hours in a supported payroll platform. Among these features is the option to configure the clock to disallow early clock-ins or clock-outs, for example, as well as display the employee's scheduled hours at the clock.

These new features are available for use with Workday, iSolved and Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay).

What Does This Mean for Employers?

The introduction of schedule enforcement empowers employers to better enforce on-time and on-schedule clocking, as well as providing employees with more at-a-glance information about their scheduled shifts. Among the new capabilities are: 

  • Validation of Clocking Attempts: NoahFace now validates clocking attempts against each worker's scheduled shift, as configured in to the connected payroll platform. This means workers will not be able to clock in too early or too late – our system ensures adherence to schedules by preventing clock-ins outside of an company-approved window (for instance, no more than more than 15 minutes before a shift is scheduled to begin).
  • Real-Time Schedule Visibility: Managers can better stay on top of their workforce's attendance with a real-time view that tracks which workers have arrived on time, who is currently on the clock, and identify any late arrivals, all within the intuitive NoahFace Go mobile interface.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Employers can gain valuable insights into worker punctuality over any date range. Our reporting feature allows you to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and ensure optimal workforce management.

Updates at the Time Clock

With the real time view into each employee's scheduled shift, the Smart Time Clock can restrict, allow and communicate about clock-ins based on each worker's shift for the current day.

This means the software can be configured to prevent workers from clocking in to earlier. For instance, if an employee is scheduled to start a shift at 8 a.m., and the clock is configured with a 10 minute grace period, an employee who attempts to login at 7:49 will be denied, and will be prompted to return at 7:50 to clock in. 

An employee who attempts to clock in on a day when they are not scheduled at all will also be denied, and will see a message letting them know that they are not scheduled to work that day. 

A small but meaningful part of the update also displays the employee’s scheduled shift as soon as the system identifies them. Once they are clocked in, the message on the clocking screen will display their end shift time. 

Management Oversight Features 

While this update offers new interface options for employees at the kiosk, accompanying updates to the NoahFace Go mobile app and web-based administrative dashboard also give managers new views and capabilities that reflect the schedule management tools. 

Designed to provide simple, at-a-glance access, managers can quickly view today’s scheduled staff, as well as each employee’s status that indicates if they are clocked in, on break, or if they clocked in late for their shift. This view also shows a duration of each status; for instance, managers can view how long an employee has been on break or on the clock. 

The real power of NoahFace Go shines in these instances, as managers can then easily perform associated actions for each employee. 

For instance, if a manager sees a scheduled employee is late to clock in, the manager can initiate a phone call directly to the late worker for a status update. The manager also has the ability to manually add a missed punch, switch workers between tasks, and much more, all from the palm of their hand. 

The scheduled staff views are also available within the updated Web Dashboard, where administrators can run and view historical reports to identify trends of staff who have been late.

Get Started with Schedule Enforcement

Ready to put the power of these new tools to the test? Current customers who are operating NoahFace alongside Workday, iSolved or Employment Hero have access to these features now and can access the configuration guide in the NoahFace Support Hub

Not yet a NoahFace customer or looking for some help getting started? For more information, please contact our team for a demo or configuration support.