NoahFace Announces Integration with 2cloudnine Payroll Platform

NoahFace is pleased to announce a new integration with 2cloudnine, an end-to-end payroll platform that enables organisations to transform their approach to time and attendance.

NoahFace Founder & Executive Director Geoff Cropley recently spoke to the quality of 2cloudnine's offerings.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with 2cloudnine, whose innovative payroll platform resonates well with our own focus on enhancing business efficiency and employee satisfaction,” Cropley said. “It’s rewarding to partner with a provider of 2cloudnine’s quality, and we look forward to jointly developing impactful solutions for businesses and their workforce.”

Through the seamless integration between NoahFace and 2cloudnine, frontline employees will have access to quicker and more accurate time capture. Using facial recognition technology, employees can clock in and clock out on an iPad or smartphone in seconds.

2cloudnine CEO Adam Edmondson said the solution naturally complements the 2cloudnine product suite, delivering a rich, seamless workflow onto the Salesforce platform.

“NoahFace is a leader in its field, and we’re excited to bring this unique capability into the 2cloudnine platform,” Adam said. “The facial recognition combined with the geo-location smarts and scalability offer tremendous value to our staffing and healthcare customers and their frontline teams. There’s no doubt this integration will make it easier for our customers to do business.”

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