Enhanced KeyPay Integration

User Synchronisation

Many organisations only want a subset of their employees to be synchronised from NoahFace to KeyPay. To support this, there are new options in KeyPay user synchronisations to support filtering both by Timesheet usage and Group memberships.

In simple environments, you can easily synchronise all employees that are required to submit timesheets.

In more complex environments, you can create groups that are based on any combination of KeyPay Locations (ie: physical work sites or cost centres), Employment Types, or individual employees, and then synchronise only the employees that are members of these groups.


Some organisations want their employees to exist in both KeyPay and NoahFace, but contractors and/or other temporary workers to exist in NoahFace only.

To support this, there is a new switch in KeyPay notifications labelled Automatically add new users which controls whether users added directly to NoahFace (using either the NoahFace Dashboard or the NoahFace App) are automatically created in KeyPay.

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