Seconds Matter: Accurate Time Tracking for Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in the United States and the Fair Work Act in Australia are examples of government legislation that sets various standards for employment practices, including minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor regulations. In order to comply with the FLSA and the Fair Work Act, hourly employees are required to be clocked in to complete any job-related tasks, including any that may exist as part of the clock-in process itself.


Top Time Clock Software for Restaurants: iPad Based Time & Attendance Tracking with NoahFace

NoahFace's iPad-based smart time clocks redefine convenience and accuracy. The software’s flexibility knows no bounds, effortlessly accommodating the diverse needs of both back-of-house staff and customer-facing employees. Have employees that work across both FOH and BOH? NoahFace can easily manage that as well, allowing employees to change their assigned work station for tracking throughout their shift.


The Importance of Soliciting Employee Feedback for Healthy Workplaces

By actively listening to and addressing the concerns, opinions, and emotions of their workforce, organizations can foster a positive culture, boost engagement, and unlock their full potential. 


How to Stop Time Clock Fraud: Understanding Time Theft & Tips to Minimize Clocking Fraud

Whether accidental misclocks or intentional buddy punching (and everything between), employee time theft is a real challenge facing virtually any business with hourly workers. And frankly, the statistics are staggering. ‍According to a report from Robert Half International, employers lose an average of 4.5 hours per week, per employee to time theft.


Is Unpaid Overtime the Next Ticking Time Bomb?

Over the last 5 years we've seen numerous high profile payroll compliance cases where employees were not provided their rest break entitlements. Is unpaid overtime the next ticking time bomb?

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