NoahFace Named Top 5 Finalist in HR Innovation Competition at Unleash America

NoahFace has been named one of five finalists in Unleash America's HR Innovation Awards for 2023. The competition sets out to identify and recognize the leading young innovators in the HR tech space.

In its announcement of the 2023 Finalists, Unleash America released the following statement: 

"The wait really is almost over. UNLEASH Startup is back with a bang, and celebrating more than a decade of championing the brightest, most innovative young businesses from across the world of HR technology.
The tagline of the UNLEASH Startup initiative is ‘The Network Never Stops!’, which encapsulates the tireless enthusiasm of the young tech innovators in our community.
It embodies the perpetual growth and dynamism of our ever-evolving community. As innovative startups emerge year after year, they invigorate, diversify, and strengthen the connections within our network.
At the core of UNLEASH Startup is an unwavering commitment to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem that fosters collaboration, inspiration, and endless possibilities."

Other finalists include Crooton, Hour One, and Mirza.