Enhanced Employment Hero Integration

NoahFace continues to invest heavily in enhancing our integrations with leading payroll and HR platforms. Our most recent platform update provides a wide range of improvements to the Employment Hero integration as follows:

  • Re-brands KeyPay as Employment Hero.
  • Significantly simplifies the setup process.
  • Provides flexibility in mapping employee numbers.
  • Supports interaction with employees in their preferred language.
  • Supports multiple businesses sharing a single time clock.
  • Fully supports both paid and unpaid breaks.
  • Provides greater flexibility in cost centre and work type assignments.
  • Provides new ways for workers to select from hierarchical cost centre lists.

More details on the key improvements are provided below.

Multiple Languages

NoahFace enables you to maintain each employee's preferred language in Employment Hero, and will use that preference to display the appropriate prompts and buttons:

Paid Breaks

NoahFace can capture both paid rest breaks and unpaid meal breaks with this information being used to calculate employee pay while at the same time providing an audit trail to avoid future disputes:

Cost Centres

NoahFace provides tremendous flexibility in how cost centres (known as "Locations" in Employment Hero) can be captured and assigned, allowing you to:

  • Automatically assign cost centers based on where employees clock in and out (ie: which site they work at, which device they use, or their geolocation).
  • Manually select cost centers using a barcode gun to scan barcodes on job sheets.
  • Manually select cost centers from a list.

NoahFace provides a highly efficient user experience to reduce the time spent clocking in, and can even present a different sub-tree of the your cost centre hierarchy depending on where they are: