NoahFace Completes SOC 2 Security Audit

The SOC 2 Type I audit, completed by Johanson Group, demonstrates that our systems are appropriately configured and our policies address the SOC 2 security requirements.

To drive ongoing compliance, NoahFace uses the Vanta platform to automatically monitor our environment. On a continuous basis, this monitoring ensures:

  • Our systems are appropriately configured (eg: MFA, encryption, audit logging, firewall rules, etc).
  • Our employees have restricted access to data as required by their roles.
  • Our security policies cover all core areas and are based on best practice templates.
  • Our policies are reviewed and approved annually.
  • Our employees undergo security awareness training periodically, and read and acknowledge policies.
  • Our employees desktops are using encrypted storage, virus scanning, and screen locking.

To learn more about our commitments to protect customer data, see Privacy and Security.