Reduce Employee Attrition with NoahFace Sentiment Analysis

Traditionally, front line workers are particularly difficult to survey and assess, especially in organizations with few two-way communication tools in place. 

With the addition of the new Employee Sentiment Analysis tools from NoahFace, businesses now have a simple, effective way to collect feedback from front line workers at the end of each shift. This information, when aggregated through the build-in reporting tools, allows managers and human resources leaders the ability to improve retention by identifying highly dissatisfied employees, low-sentiment groups, or identify trends within specific locations or sites. 

While the trending concept of “quiet quitting” may be controversial in workplaces today, the underlying concerns around the impacts of unfulfilled, frustrated employees are real issues facing many organizations. And all too often, negative sentiment can infiltrate an organization’s members before managers are even aware, leaving no time or means to intervene. That all changes with the addition of the Employee Sentiment Analysis feature. 

How It Works: 

When the NoahFace time clock is configured with Sentiment Analysis, employees will clock in as usual, but upon clock out will be presented with a customizable screen asking them to rate their work day. This rating requires just a second of response, using an easily recognizable emoji scale. 

The system can optionally be configured to prompt the employee to enter comments for additional feedback, either at each clock out or just when a negative rating is given. 

This data is then gathered in the NoahFace dashboard, where managers can schedule regular reports to view average ratings by employee, location, or user type, as well as the full scale of ratings. When additional feedback is collected, managers will have the ability to review those comments as well. 

Learn More: 

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