Enterprise Security

Jun 2022. NoahFace continues to deliver enterprise security features to protect our customer's data. Our most recent enhancements include:

  • Configurable data retention up to 7 years.
  • Configurable password rules (eg: minimum length, complexity, expiry periods) for Dashboard logins.
  • Two factor authentication for Dashboard logins.
  • Audit logging for all Dashboard operations.

Work Crews

May 2022. Supervising Work Crews in the Field? Use the NoahFace Go mobile App to:

  • Manage your team members (including badge scanning).
  • Perform group clocking.
  • Collect piecework data to drive payments.

All while operating offline in remote work locations.

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Job Tracking

Apr 2022. NoahFace announces our next generation Job Tracking solution designed for manufacturing, construction, logistics, and service organisations. This latest release supports:

  • A mounted kiosk for workshops and service centres, using facial recognition for identification, and an optional adjacent barcode gun for data capture.
  • A mobile phone App to capture data (including barcode reading) while on site.
  • Validation of entered job numbers and work types against your payroll or ERP system data.
  • Capture of breaks and other non-billable time.
  • Out of the box Job Costing reports.
  • Delivery of data to your payroll or ERP system.
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Piecework with UKG Ready

Mar 2022. NoahFace continues to enhance our integration with UKG Ready. Our latest release allows you capture piecework counters at the end of a shift, such as the number of buckets of fruit picked, and to pass this to UKG Ready to  automate pay calculations.

Management Reporting

Mar 2022. NoahFace continues to deliver enhancements to our management reporting capabilities, including:

  • A new Attendance Details report, providing managers with complete details of who (employees or visitors) was on site on a given day or days. This can be used for contract tracing.
  • Improvements to the Site Summary report, providing a real time view of who is on site. This can be used for staff oversight, fatigue monitoring, and evacuation management.

Deeper and Richer Integrations

Feb 2022. NoahFace continues to deliver enhancements to integrations with leading HR platforms.

KeyPay customers can now:

  • Synchronise user groups to improve security and reporting.
  • Leverage global "Location" and "Work Type" lists to accurately pay staff and allocate costs.
  • Populate timesheet "Shift Conditions" to accurately pay staff based on their entitlements.

UKG Ready customers can now:

  • Conditionally display clock in policies and capture tasks based on employee types.
  • Synchronise additional language preferences (Chinese and Japanese).

ELMO customers can now:

  • Capture "Cost Centres" to allocate labour costs to different customers, departments, jobs, or projects.
  • Capture "Job Descriptions" to pay staff accurately based on the type of work they perform.

Alcohol Screening

Jan 2022. NoahFace has partnered with Alcolizer Technology to provide fully integrated solutions for:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Registration

Only employees and visitors that have an alcohol reading under the prescribed limit (zero in many cases) will be allowed to proceed.

This solution is particularly important in industries with heavy or dangerous equipment, such as: Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, and Transport.

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Management Reporting

Dec 2021. NoahFace announces a major update to the NoahFace Dashboard reporting platform. Managers can now:

  • Save named reports along with their filter options.
  • Share reports with others.
  • Export reports in both CSV and PDF format.
  • Schedule reports to be generated and emailed automatically on a defined schedule.

Temperature Screening

Dec 2021. NoahFace announces integration with the UFR101 Infrared Thermometer to provide Temperature Screening solutions for:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Registration

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Management on the Go

Nov 2021. NoahFace announces a major update to the NoahFace Go mobile App. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders can now use NoahFace Go on their mobile phone to manage:

  • Employees. View the work status and recent events for all employees. Clock in or out employees that have forgotten to do so. Assign work types to employees on the fly.
  • Work Crews. Manage work crews (eg: fruit picking, road maintenance, and catering) and perform group clocking to efficiently and accurately record work types and time.
  • Evacuations. Perform a roll call at a muster point to ensure all employees and visitors are safely off site.

Alcohol Screening

Oct 2021. NoahFace has partnered with Breathalyser Sales & Support to provide fully integrated solutions for:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Registration

Only employees and visitors that have an alcohol reading under the prescribed limit (zero in many cases) will be allowed to proceed.

This solution is particularly important in industries with heavy or dangerous equipment, such as: Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, and Transport.

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Hola NoahFace!

Sep 2021. NoahFace announces that the NoahFace App has been updated with support Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

The NoahFace App will automatically display both fixed text and configured text, such as compliance policies, in the recognised user's preferred language.

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Site Policies

July 2021. The NoahFace Go mobile App can now display policies related to heath, safety, or other work conditions, when employees clock in for work.

Policies can even be site specific, with the appropriate policies automatically determined based on an employee's geolocation.

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Voice Control

June 2021. NoahFace announces that the NoahFace App has been updated with support for voice control. This allows functions that previously required button presses to be operated in a completely touchless way. For Example:

  • Health and Safety Questions (Attestation),
  • Recording Breaks, and even
  • Visitor Registration.

To use voice control with NoahFace, just enable it under iPadOS settings / Accessibility. You can then speak commands such as: "Tap Confirm".

The future is (even more) touchless!


June 2021. NoahFace announces deep integration with ELMO Payroll, providing ELMO customers with comprehensive iPad and Mobile clocking capabilities including:

  • Lightning Fast Touchless Clocking,
  • Recording Meal Breaks and Rest Breaks,
  • Health and Safety Questions (Attestation),
  • Visitor Registration,
  • Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing.
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Recording Breaks

May 2021. NoahFace announces the addition of comprehensive functionality to record both unpaid breaks, such as meal breaks, and paid breaks, such as rest breaks, to our world-leading clocking solutions.

In many industries and work places employees are entitled to additional payments if breaks are not provided. Accurate records of breaks are therefore critical to help organisations demonstrate they have paid employees appropriately in the event of an audit or legal dispute.

Just as importantly, organisations are recognising that breaks are important to maximise employee productivity and wellbeing. They are measuring breaks to drive these positive outcomes.


April 2021. NoahFace announces comprehensive integration with Definitiv People Management, providing Definitiv customers with  with comprehensive iPad and Mobile clocking capabilities including:

  • Lightning Fast Touchless Clocking,
  • Task Tracking and Job Costing,
  • Health and Safety Questions (Attestation),
  • Visitor Registration,
  • Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing.
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Gallagher Command Centre

Feb 2021. NoahFace announces deep integration with Gallagher Command Centre, providing:

  • Frictionless Entry,
  • Multi-Factor Authentication, and
  • Compliance

solutions for organisations using Gallagher Command Center.

You can also use NoahFace’s comprehensive Time and Attendance and Visitor Registration solutions seamlessly integrated with your Access Control solutions. For example, your visitors can register at an iPad, select their host from the list of Gallagher users, and can be automatically allocated a "day pass" to access specified doors.

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Touchscreen Paranoia

Jan 2021. Not to sound too gloomy as we launch, ever hopeful, into 2021.

However, even the largest organisations will agree that they were unprepared for COVID-19, with the pandemic taking its toll on business. According to McKinsey, more than 50 billion-dollar companies filed for bankruptcy in 2020 in the United States alone.

So, it’s worth considering: what could we have done to prepare better, differently – and what has this situation taught us about high-consequence, low-likelihood risks such as the COVID-19 crisis?

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Supporting a mobile workforce

Dec 2020. NoahFace announces a major update to support an increasingly mobile workforce. NoahFace is:

  • Providing visual insights to staff working locations through map views,
  • Automating cost allocations by mapping geolocations to sites, projects, and cost centres, and
  • Reducing time fraud using geofencing.
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Webinar: Facial Recognition: The future of timesheets

Dec 2020. Biometric facial recognition used to be the stuff of science fiction. But recently, it’s been rapidly adopted by businesses of all sizes to help tackle the problem of time and attendance tracking versus fingerprint scanners, in a safety conscious and dispersed workforce.    

NoahFace partners, Microkeeper hosted a webinar on all things touchless time tracking.  

Topics covered include privacy, mobile, super-fast clocking, and the higher authentication accuracy of facial recognition.

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Tighter compliance cause for a workplace rethink

Oct 2020. Prior to COVID-19, employee under-payment was thrust into the spotlight through the media coverage of several high-profile organisations who failed to record and pay their staff appropriately.

Embarrassing … but also illegal.

Since then, new legislation requires employers to keep time and attendance and pay records of employees for a minimum of seven years. An onerous task for many.

Just as businesses get used to the tightening of rules around payroll, COVID-19 enters our world.  And a new compliance requirement has emerged – which includes a workplace health and safety obligation to minimise the risk of employee infection in the workplace.

Employers are now responsible for preventing COVID-19 transmission in the workplace with the same responsibilities and liabilities as any other job hazard.  And these responsibilities extend to the ‘work-from-home’ environment.

All of this is prompting many organisations to throw their existing time and attendance and payroll solutions up in the air for a good, healthy rethink.

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Getting back to work safely

Sep 2020. Getting people back to work safely is easier said than done. Two in three employees are nervous about returning to work, according to a Qualtrics study.

Over half of workers want to see measures taken to protect them. And as new safe workplace principles and guidelines stress that employers are responsible for protecting workers’ health and safety – that means businesses need to have a strategy.  

And it starts at the front door.

NoahFace now offers a suite of touchless solutions that enable global companies to safely get back to business – by reducing the number of touch points for workers.

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Introducing Temperature Screening

May 2020. NoahFace has created the world's first unmanned and touchless temperature screening kiosk using opto-thermal scanning.

Staff take one look at the mounted iPad, they are instantly recognised using facial recognition technology, and their temperature is automatically recorded. If they appear to have an elevated temperature, they can be denied access or provided with customised instructions, and an alert can be sent to stakeholders via email.

Temperature screening can be used with both Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions.

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Royal Touch goes touch-free with NoahFace

Apr 2020. Australian paper and hygiene system manufacturer, Royal Touch, has replaced its high-touch timesheet system with a hands-free facial recognition solution from NoahFace.

“Improving the efficiency and accuracy of our time keeping records drove our decision to move to NoahFace, but the touch free interface has proven to be a fantastic attribute in the current environment,” said Dominic Chetcuti, director at Royal Touch. “The system has already shown its value and been welcomed by our staff.”

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Introducing NoahFace Go

Apr 2020. NoahFace announces the launch of the NoahFace Go mobile time and attendance solution, specifically designed for staff that work from home or from multiple work locations.

NoahFace Go can be used for simple clock in / clock out applications, tracking the time spent on tasks or projects, as well as tracking the time spent on individual jobs.

NoahFace Go is available for both iPhones and Android phones, and connects to the NoahFace platform to provide secure data retention as well as searching, viewing, and reporting on events.

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Private Vaults Australia embraces multi-factor authentication

One of Australia’s leading personal wealth protection companies, Private Vaults Australia, has just added the NoahFace iPad based facial recognition and multi-factor authentication solution to their secure storage and trading facility.

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They say necessity is the mother of invention. Now meet the father of NoahFace.

In 2015 café owner Geoff Cropley came to the realisation that his business would run a lot smoother and he’d have a better relationship with his customers if he could remember their names and orders. You know what it’s like. You walk into your favourite café and they know your order. It makes the experience even better if they remember your name. As a customer you feel engaged and appreciated and are more likely to be loyal.

After scouring the world for a system that would work for his business, Geoff realized that using facial recognition technology would be the perfect solution. The problem was, such a system didn’t exist. So, instead of giving up, Geoff invented it. After 18 months of prototyping and stress testing in a real-life environment, and seeing large improvements in customer loyalty and profitability in his business, Noah Facial Recognition Pty Ltd was launched.

Canberra Airport boosting security with facial recognition

Canberra Airport has boosted protection for its secure and sterile areas. Facial recognition technology is now in place - via an iPad App - requiring employees to scan their faces before entering.

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Facial recognition with your takeaway coffee

The faces of customers at Sydney's Bahista Cafe are scanned by an iPad as they approach the barista at the coffee machine. Instantly the customer's name, favourite order and whether they are due for a loyalty reward flashes up on another iPad facing staff.

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Order at face value. 
Bahista Cafe using facial recognition technology to remember your favourite coffee and loyalty points

ORDERING a coffee is coming with an extra bit of technology thanks to an innovative North Sydney company. NoahFace has created software that remembers cafe customers' faces and their favourite drink. The idea for the technology started brewing when Geoff Cropley and Julie Buchanan opened up Bahista Cafe in Sydney three years ago ...

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Switzer TV Interview

Peter Switzer interviews Founder & CEO Geoff Cropley about the remarkable technology behind the NoahFace App that lets you instantly know what a customer wants ...

Cafe uses facial recognition software to make sure customers get the right coffee

A SYDNEY cafe has come up with a new way to tackle one of the biggest problems a barista faces during the morning rush — remembering a customer’s name.

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Channel 10
Eyewitness News

Recently Channel 10 Eyewitness News ran this story about how the customers of Bahista Café in Sydney's CBD have really embraced the technology and appreciate the higher level of personal service they now enjoy.

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