Fraud Detection and Prevention

Employee Fraud is a significant issue for businesses, with Time Theft adding staggering costs to businesses each year. While the most effective strategies for Fraud Prevention are non-technology based (eg: partially linking employee remuneration to business success, ensuring employees are aware of the consequences of fraud, etc), technology can also play a vital role in both Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection.

NoahFace provides a number of capabilities that can assist with Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection, including:

  • Capture of photographs during employee clocking.
  • Facial recognition technology to identify employees.
  • Liveness testing technology to identify humans.
  • Multi-factor technology to identify employees.
  • A mobile App with geo-fencing technology.

These are explained in more detail below.

Photo Capture

The NoahFace App captures photos of employees as they perform their clocking (this requires employee consent), and these are retained for a business configurable period (up to a maximum of 7 years). This serves two important purposes:

  1. Fraud Prevention. The fact that employees are aware that their photographs are being taken acts as a strong deterrent to attempting fraud.
  2. Fraud Detection. The fact that photographs are retained provides a mechanism to both detect and prosecute fraud.

You can configure whether captured photos are "Standard" (ie: tightly clipped faces) or "Large" (ie: showing the surrounds) under Settings / Facial Recognition:

If there is an elevated risk of employee fraud due to limited supervision, isolated clocking areas, or other risk factors, we recommend setting this to "Large" as it can improve Fraud Detection and prosecution.

Captured photographs can be viewed in the NoahFace Dashboard under Events:

Facial Recognition

The NoahFace App includes Facial Recognition technology which can be used to identify employees during clocking (there are many other Identification Options). Compared with other forms of identification, Facial Recognition is particularly good at helping to prevent fraud.

Consider alternative identification technologies, such as Passcodes and Access Cards, which can be easily shared between employees. There have been cases where an employee carried 10 or more friend's Access Cards to a work site to clock all those employees on early! And in less brazen fraud such sharing of credentials can easily go undetected for years.

Facial Recognition is certainly a far stronger form of identification than Passcodes and Access Cards, and its use will help you minimise fraud.

Liveness Detection

The NoahFace App includes Liveness Detection technology which can detect many (but not all) attempts at fooling Facial Recognition technology with photographs. There are two versions:

  1. 2D Liveness Detection. Using a standard iPad, the NoahFace App can analyze faces and their background to detect fraud.
  2. 3D Liveness Detection. Using an iPad Pro with a TruDepth camera, the NoahFace App can analyse the 3D image of a face (similar to Face-ID on an iPhone).

2D Liveness Detection works best when the iPad is permanently mounted facing a plain white wall. 3D Liveness Detection is vastly superior (ie: it will prevent a much higher percentage of fraud attempts regardless of the background), and is highly recommended when there is an elevated risk of employee fraud due to limited supervision, isolated clocking areas, or other risk factors.

To enable Liveness Detection, ensure your iPad is mounted in a non-pivoting wall-mount, navigate to Settings / Liveness Detection, and then select "Movement Analysis" (for 2D Detection) or "Depth Analysis" (for 3D Detection):

We also recommend you consider enabling "Visual Feedback", which will provide feedback to users when potential fraud is detected.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The NoahFace App includes support for Multi-Factor Authentication technology, so that employees are required to be identified by a combination of:

  • Facial Recognition and Passcodes (sent by Email or SMS).
  • Facial Recognition and Authenticator codes (eg: Google Authenticator, Authy, etc).

To enable Multi-Factor Authentication, edit your Access Rule and change the Identification Required to either "Face + Passcode" or "Face + Authenticator" as appropriate:

Once enabled, employees are first recognised by facial recognition, and they are then required to confirm their identity through the entry of a confirmation code:

It is important to note that Multi-Factor Authentication won't prevent fraud completely - determined employees can still share confirmation codes with each other. However, it will make fraud more difficult, because an employee intent on committing fraud needs to work with an accomplice to enter the confirmation code in a short period of time (typically less than a minute).

Mobile App

The NoahFace Go mobile App enabled employees to quickly and easily clock in and out (and to change tasks, record comments, record attestations, etc) using their mobile phone. The NoahFace Go App is available on the Apple App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android). It is primarily used by employees that travel between multiple work sites, in industries such as Construction, Hospitality, and Healthcare.

However, the NoahFace Go App is also used across industries, especially in smaller unsupervised work sites, to help prevent fraud. There are two key capabilities that work together to achieve this:

  1. One-Time Activation
  2. Geofencing

One-Time Activation

Employees are issued a one-time use activation link that they click on to connect the NoahFace Go App on their phone to their employee record. This ensures that only someone with possession of their phone can clock in or out as them, as the link cannot be shared and re-used.


You configure a geofence (a defined radius) around each of your work sites by selecting them on a map:

Employees can then only clock in or out when they are within that geofence:

and they will receive an error if they attempt to clock outside it:

You can learn a lot more about the NoahFace Go App on the Mobile Staff, Managers, and Work Crews pages.

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