Time and Attendance for
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Work from home, on the road, or from multiple work places.

Solution Overview

Mobile Time and Attendance.

For staff that work from home, on the road, or from multiple work places, NoahFace runs on iPhones and Android phones.

Staff can perform clock in and clock out operations, switch between projects or cost centres, and track the time spent on individual jobs.

Clocking locations can be automatically captured and mapped to cost centres. And clocking can be restricted to known sites using geofencing.

Policies and other conditions of work can be displayed, helping to protect both your staff and your organisation.

Captured events automatically populate timesheets in your payroll system, and are stored securely in the Cloud where they can be searched and viewed on a map.


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Convenient. Clocking in/out takes  seconds. Nothing could be easier.

Accurate. Record the actual hours worked, not manually entered times. Ensure worked hours are allocated to the correct projects or cost centres.

Reduce fraud. Use geofencing to ensure staff can only clock in and out while at known work sites.


Applications include:

  • Working from home.
  • Construction.
  • Maintenance.
  • Hospitality.
  • Trades.
  • Consultants.
  • Sales people.

Time tracking

Time tracking

The NoahFace Go mobile App provides a simple and intuitive user experience for mobile staff. The home screen clearly shows an employee's current work status (eg: Not Working, Working for 4 hours, On Break, etc), and provides them with simple actions based on this status (eg: Clock In, Change Task, Start Break, etc).

You choose the mode of operation that best suites your organisation's needs:

  • Clock In/Out. Employees clock in when they start work and clock out when they finish work.
  • Task Tracking. Employees record when they start work on each individual task, and when they finish work for the day. Tasks are selected from a list.
  • Job Tracking. Employees record when they start and complete work on each individual job. Job numbers can be entered manually or scanned from a barcode.

Each of these modes is highly configurable - for example, you can change the button text to support your preferred terminology, and even allow staff to enter time manually if desired.

Location tracking

Location tracking

The NoahFace Go mobile App automatically captures geolocations, storing this information with each event.

You can pre-define the geolocation of each of your work sites, including a defined radius.

When staff clock in at a known work site, the project or cost centre can be automatically applied, simplifying the clocking process for staff and eliminating cost allocation errors.

You can also choose to enforce geofencing, so staff can only clock in and out while they are at your known work sites, eliminating time fraud.

Cost tracking

Cost tracking

The NoahFace Go mobile App provides rich and configurable functionality to allow you to collect the data necessary to allocate time to different cost centres, projects, jobs, or customers.

For example, you can collect costing data using:

  • Simple Pick Lists. Employees select from a list of projects.
  • Nested Pick Lists. Employees select from a list of projects and then from a list of work types.
  • Geofencing. Projects are assigned automatically based on an employee's geolocation.
  • Barcodes. Employees enter job numbers by scanning barcodes on job sheets.
  • Piecework Entry. Employees enter the number of boxes they packed, deliveries they performed, etc.

Collecting costing data in real-time is vastly more efficient and results in more accurate costing.

Health and safety

Health and safety

The NoahFace Go mobile App can display policies related to heath, safety, or other work conditions, when employees clock in for work.

These policies can even be site specific, with the appropriate policies determined based on an employee's geolocation.

This helps protect both your employees and your organisation.

Your face is your key


Ever had to put down a coffee or a laptop to open a door? Or fumble through your wallet or purse to find your access card? You'll love the convenience of facial recognition, and you'll never want to use an access card again.


Access cards are regularly shared which severely compromises security. Facial recognition makes sharing impossible, and the photographic audit trail provides an indisputable record of exactly who entered when.

Lightning Fast

The sub-second recognition process works at a glance, unlocking doors as you approach.


Avoid workplace injuries that often occur moving goods to/from storerooms through secure doors.


Ever left your access card at home or on your desk when you went to the bathroom?

Well you can't forget your face!


Hands-free operation avoids the transmission of germs and cross contamination. Its essential in healthcare, laboratories, and manufacturing environments, and good practice in any workplace.
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Deploy it stand-alone or integrated with your existing access control system. On one door or hundreds.


Simple pay per user model designed to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes.

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