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Clock in with NoahFace

With its plug-and-play integration, the NoahFace time & attendance solutions for KeyPay offer seamless touchless facial recognition, offline operation, job and task tracking, and much more - all designed to work out-of-the-box with KeyPay.

Powerful Workforce Time and Attendance Solutions

Why NoahFace?

  • Touchless and lightning fast
  • Compliance and site safety
  • FWA award compliance
  • Job and task tracking
  • Map or geofence
  • Highly configurable
  • Plug and play with KeyPay

touchless facial recognition

multiple data capture sources

works offline / low bandwidth

60 Day Risk Free Special Offer

  • Sign up by the 15th September 2021
  • No software fees for 60 days
  • No contract - cancel any time
  • 30% discount on implementation fees
  • Includes visitor registration
  • Terms and conditions apply.

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noahface vs. other providers

How We Compare

NoahFace time & attendance solutions for KeyPay are different. We are committed to offering the most robust, customizable time clock for KeyPay on the market. Learn more about how NoahFace stacks up against other solutions.

Facial Recognition
Search + Pin
Touchless Clock In / Out
Clocking Speed
< 1 second (touchless)
8-30 seconds (6+ touches)
Change Task Speed
< 2 seconds (1 touch)
30+ seconds (15+ touches)
Operates Offline
Health & Safety Acknowledgements
Records Paid Breaks
Configurable User Experience
Staff Names and Photos
Visitor Registration
Access Control

NoahFace + keypay specialist

Geoff Cropley

Founder and Executive Director

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