Temperature QR Codes


The Temperature and Visitor Registration screens can be configured to display a QR Code as part of the user feedback. This allows you to direct visitors to a custom screen to collect additional information, passing temperature data to it.

To display a QR code, just use feedback icon names with "qrcode" as the second feedback element (ie: "tickqrcode", "crossqrcode", or "tempqrcode"). For example:


To specify the URL to encode in the QR Code, specify the "qrcode" option. For example:


You can place any of the following variables in your URL, surrounded by square brackets. Each variable will be substituted with its corresponding value:

  • TIME. The local time.
  • UTC. The universal time.
  • TYPE. The type of event.
  • TEMP. The measured temperature.
  • ELEVATED. True for elevated temperatures, else false.
  • USERID. The identifier of the user, if known.
  • NUMBER. The number of the user, if known.
  • FIRST. The first name of the user, if known.
  • LAST. The last name of the user, if known.
  • PHONE. The phone number of the user, if known.
  • USERTYPE. The user type of the user, if known.
  • ORG. The name of the organisation.
  • SITE. The name of the site.
  • DEVICE. The name of the device.
  • DEVID. The identifier of the device.

You can lengthen the default time that the user feedback is displayed by specifying the "ticktime", "crosstime", or "temptime". For example:


To specify more than one option, just comma separate them. A complete example is:

        icons=tickqrcode, ticktime=15, hidereg=true,
        greeting=Scan the QR code to complete your registration.

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