What can NoahFace be used for?
NoahFace can be used for Time and Attendance, Access Control, and Visitor Registration. Each of these solutions can optionally have Temperature Screening added to it.

What equipment will I need for NoahFace?
You will need a base model iPad and an iPad mount.

What sort of network connection is needed for NoahFace?
NoahFace can work over WiFi, wired ethernet (with an appropriate adaptor), or mobile connections.

What happens if network connectivity is temporarily lost?
NoahFace will continue to work without a network connection. Events are stored locally and are sent to NoahFace Cloud service when network connectivity is re-established.

Where is the NoahFace Cloud service hosted?
The NoahFace Cloud service is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Does NoahFace encrypt data?
All communication between the iPads and the NoahFace Cloud service is encrypted using TLS/SSL. When sensitive user related data (eg: passcodes and biometrics) is managed locally on each iPad, it is encrypted and secured using IOS keychain services.

How does the registration process work?
The first time a user presents themselves they need to identify themselves manually. For example, by entering a passcode that has been emailed or SMSed to them. The registration process takes less than 30 seconds.

Can NoahFace support completely touchless operation?
Yes. NoahFace can support completely touchless operation for Access Control, Time and Attendance, and even for returning visitors in Visitor Registration.

How fast is the facial recognition process?
Once the camera can see a face, NoahFace can recognise it in under a second. Each time you use NoahFace it learns, making the recognition process even faster over time.

How reliable is the facial recognition process?
With appropriate setup, NoahFace can correctly identify individuals over 99% of the time.  And if someone is not recognised automatically, they can manually identify themselves (eg: using a passcode or employee number).

Can NoahFace be fooled with a selfie or photograph?
NoahFace includes sophisticated “liveness testing” algorithms that aim to differentiate between a live person and a photograph or replayed video. These include both 2D algorithms, which will detect and prevent many casual fraud attempts using a selfie, and a highly secure 3D algorithm that leverages the depth sensing capabilities of the iPad Pro. You can choose which algorithm is most suited to your needs.

How many faces can NoahFace support?
NoahFace can support up to 2,000 people at a single kiosk, and 50,000 or more people across an organisation.

Can NoahFace support multiple doors and sites?
Yes. NoahFace can support organisations with any number of doors and sites. You can configure access rules for individual doors, door types (eg: machine rooms, storerooms, etc), individual sites, or groups of sites.

Can I control who can enter and when?
Yes. NoahFace allows you to configure access rules to control who has access, and on what days and during what hours they have access.  

Can NoahFace integrate with my existing Access Control System?
Yes. NoahFace can integrate with existing Access Control Systems using either a Low Level (web relay) interface or a High Level (API) interface. With a High Level interface, NoahFace can automatically synchronise the users from your existing Access Control System. Please contact NoahFace for information on specific Access Control Systems.

Is facial recognition more secure than access cards?
Access cards can be (and often are):

  • Lent to friends or visitors,
  • "Borrowed" from desks,
  • Permanently lost or stolen, and
  • Easily and cheaply duplicated.

In short, access cards don't tell you who entered - only which card was used. Facial recognition overcomes all of these security issues, so we would suggest that it provides you with a stronger form of identification than access cards (and FAR more convenience).

Can NoahFace provide two-factor authentication?
Yes. If you have a need for more robust identification than facial recognition can provide on its own, you should consider two-factor authentication.

In a stand-alone configuration, NoahFace can be configured for two-factor authentication by requiring both a matching face and a passcode before allowing entry.

In an integrated configuration, NoahFace can provide one factor of identification to your existing Access Control System. In this case, you would set your door up for “Dual Authentication” in your Access Control System, and it would validate the other factor (eg: an access card).

Can NoahFace be used to control access to machines or IT systems?
Yes. NoahFace can be configured to authenticate users and then pass on the identity of those users through a published API.

How should I mount the iPad?
The iPad is best mounted as close as possible to your door with the camera eye at approximately 150-155cm from ground level. The iPad is mounted in a portrait orientation to maximise the field of view of the camera.

Can NoahFace integrate with my existing Payroll System?
Yes. NoahFace can synchronise your employees from your Payroll System and can automatically populate your timesheets. Please contact NoahFace for information on specific Payroll Systems.

Can NoahFace support multiple workplaces?
Yes. NoahFace can support organisations with any number of workplaces, across any number of timezones.

Can NoahFace support multiple iPads at a single workplace?
Yes. NoahFace can support any number of iPads. This can be useful if you have multiple points of entry into your workplace, or you have extremely large numbers of employees.

Can staff clock in on one iPad and clock out on another iPad?

Does NoahFace support mobile staff and staff that work from home?
Yes. NoahFace has a mobile App which is available on both iOS and Android.

Can staff clock in on an iPad and clock out on their mobile?

Does NoahFace support collecting data when staff clock in and out?
Yes. NoahFace has comprehensive data entry functionality. Collected data is stored with each event, and is often mapped onto cost centres for cost allocation purposes.

Does NoahFace support attestation?
Yes. NoahFace can manage any number of policies that can be displayed when staff clock in. Individual policies can be configured to appear at different intervals (eg: weekly, monthly, quarterly) or even randomly.

Does NoahFace support delivering messages to users?
Yes. Messages can be configured to be displayed on the iPad when users clock in or out.

Can NoahFace manage licenses / certificates?
Yes.  Organisations often manage licenses for specialist vehicles or industry specific certificates for employees. When these are approaching their expiry date, staff can be provided with an advanced warning. If a license or certificate has expired, clocking in for work will be denied.

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