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Solution Overview

A safe work place

Just glance at an iPad to identify yourself, and your temperature is automatically recorded. If you appear to have an elevated temperature, you will be provided with appropriate instructions, and an email alert will be sent to stakeholders.

Otherwise, you will be clocked in for work, signed in for your visit, or your door will open - all in seconds!


Temperature screening can be deployed in almost any work place eg:

  • Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Mining
  • Schools

Temperature Screening


Employee Safety. Ensuring staff with elevated temperatures do not interact with other staff is key to fulfilling your duty of care to your employees.

Reduced Legal Risk. Failing to provide a safe work place can expose a business to increased legal risk.

Reduced Business Risk. Your staff are your most valuable assets. If a virus spreads through your work force, you could potentially suffer significant productivity loss, or even a complete business shutdown.

Your face is your key


Ever had to put down a coffee or a laptop to open a door? Or fumble through your wallet or purse to find your access card? You'll love the convenience of facial recognition, and you'll never want to use an access card again.


Access cards are regularly shared which severely compromises security. Facial recognition makes sharing impossible, and the photographic audit trail provides an indisputable record of exactly who entered when.

Lightning Fast

The sub-second recognition process works at a glance, unlocking doors as you approach.


Avoid workplace injuries that often occur moving goods to/from storerooms through secure doors.


Ever left your access card at home or on your desk when you went to the bathroom?

Well you can't forget your face!


Hands-free operation avoids the transmission of germs and cross contamination. Its essential in healthcare, laboratories, and manufacturing environments, and good practice in any workplace.


Deploy it stand-alone or integrated with your existing access control system. On one door or hundreds.


Simple pay per user model designed to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes.

How it works

How it works

The NoahFace Temperature Screening solution uses a completely unmanned and touchless kiosk designed for self-service. It includes an embedded iPad and and state of the art nano-optical sensor - providing reliability, security, and fast and accurate temperature measurements.

The NoahFace Temperature Screening solution can be used:

  • Integrated with our Time and Attendance solutions, screening staff before they start work, or students when they arrive at school.
  • Integrated with our Access Control solutions, screening staff before they enter your secure work spaces.
  • Integrated with our Visitor Registration solutions, screening visitors before they enter your premises.
  • Stand-alone, to test staff, visitor, or customer temperatures.

    NoahFace is highly configurable, allowing you to completely customise the home screen, warning messages,  graphical on screen feedback, email alerts, and integrated hardware (eg: warning lights).

    When used for employee focused applications, NoahFace uses facial recognition technology to instantly recognise individuals. It automatically tracks individualised "normal" temperature ranges, making it far more accurate than solutions using a fixed temperature threshold.

    In all cases, the captured events can be stored securely in the Cloud, where they can be searched, viewed, and exported by authorised users.

    DISCLAIMER: This device is not marketed or intended to be used as a medical device to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition. This device does not determine the core body temperature of subjects nor can it determine if a virus is present. Actual core body temperature can only be determined using an approved clinical measuring device. This device is not currently available in Australia.

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