Policy Details

The list of policies can be configured by specifying the "policies" option in the screen details (policies are semi-colon separated).

The full syntax for each policy is as follows:


where <text> is the policy text, <id> is the unique policy identifier, and <frequency> is how often you want the policy displayed.

NoahFace records the policy identifier of each aknowledged policy in the event details. It also records the last date and time each policy has been acknowledged for each user, so that it can determine when to next display that policy.

To always present a policy use a <frequency> of ALWAYS eg:

        policies=You must always acknowledge this.:P1:ALWAYS

To only present a policy once use a <frequency> of ONCE eg:

        policies=You must acknowledge this once.:P2:ONCE

To present a policy periodically use a <frequency> of DAYS eg:

        policies=You must acknowledge this every week.:P3:DAYS:7

To present a policy randomly use a <frequency> of RANDOM eg:

        policies=1 in 5 people must acknowledge this:P4:RANDOM:5

A full example is as follows:

        name=condition of entry, policies=You must always acknowledge this.:P1:ALWAYS;You must acknowledge this once.:P2:ONCE;You must acknowledge this every week.:P3:DAYS:7;1 in 5 people must acknowledge this:P4:RANDOM:5

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