Identifying Individual Users using Passcodes

NoahFace supports identifying individual users using unique 6 digit passcodes (or PINs), while the majority of users are identified using facial recognition. This is usually used when:

  • There are individuals who do not want to consent to the use of facial recognition.
  • There are individuals that are difficult to differentiate using facial recognition, such as twins or close siblings.

If you want to identify all of your users using passcodes, see: Identifying All Users Using Passcodes instead.


To enable passcode identification on your NoahFace kiosks, edit your Access Point Type and set Manual Use to either:

  • "Photo" to require users to have their photo taken when they clock in/out.
  • "No Photo" to allow users to clock in/out without having their photo taken.

See below:

Once you have configured your Access Point Type,  simply select Send Registration next to each of the users that you want to send a 6 digit passcode to (via SMS or email). Passcode identification is usually used in conjunction with a Registration Method of "List + Admin", so that not all users have individual passcodes.

When the users present at the NoahFace kiosk, they just press the "Use Passcode" button (not the "Register" button) and enter their passcode to identify themselves. If you have chosen "No Photo", the identification screen displayed will be as follows:

All of the interactive features of NoahFace behave exactly the same regardless of whether users are identified using facial recognition or passcodes. For example you can:

  • Use any type of screen (eg: Clock In/Out, Task Tracking, Job Tracking, Compliance).
  • Collect data on clock in (eg: Projects, Customers, Work Types) or clock out (eg: Comments, Tips, Sentiment).
  • Use manual or no touch clocking.

When a user is identified using a passcode, and you have chosen "No Photo", you will see there is no event photo recorded:

If users have previously consented to the use of facial recognition their face may still be recognised as they are entering their passcode. To stop this from happening see: Removing a User's Consent to use Facial Recognition.

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