Identifying All Users Using Passcodes

NoahFace supports identifying your users using passcodes (or PINs) as an alternative to facial recognition.

If you only want to identify a small number of users using passcodes, while the majority of users are identified using facial recognition, see: Identifying Individual Users Using Passcodes instead.


To enable passcode identification, just edit your "All Access" rule:

And set Identification Required to "Passcode":

All of the interactive features of NoahFace are available when using passcodes for identification. For example you can:

  • Use any type of screen (eg: Clock In/Out, Task Tracking, Job Tracking, Compliance).
  • Collect data on clock in (eg: Projects, Customers, Work Types) or clock out (eg: Comments, Tips, Sentiment).
  • Use manual or no touch clocking.

Identification with Photos

By default, the NoahFace App requires users to present themselves at the kiosk. This will take their photo and activate the Identification (passcode entry) screen:

Identification without Photos

If you don't want photos to be taken, you should set Event Photos to "None" and turn off the No Touch Detection switch in the NoahFace App (under Settings / Facial Recognition):

The NoahFace App will then require users to touch the Home screen to activate the Identification (passcode entry) screen:

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