UKG Ready Service Accounts

UKG have introduced enhanced security measures for UKG Ready including mandatory password changes every 180 days.

So that your NoahFace connection does not require a password change every 180 days, you can convert your API user account to a Service Account.

To do this, login to UKG Ready, navigate to Global Setup / Company Setup, select Edit Tabs and add the Service Accounts panel to your Login Config tab:

Once you have done this, select Add Service Account from this panel:

In the Add Service Account popup, enter the Username of your NoahFace API User (eg: "NOAHFACEAPI.USER"), check Edit (to enable adding comments, piecework, sentiment, and attestations), enter the Account Group of your NoahFace User Group (eg: "NoahFace API Users"), and press Save:

Your Service Accounts panel should then look as follows:

That's it - no other changes are needed.

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