System Monitoring

NoahFace provides comprehensive capabilities to allow you to monitor the status of the NoahFace platform, the integration with your HR / Payroll System, and your individual NoahFace Access Points.

Monitoring NoahFace Using the NoahFace Dashboard

You can monitor the status of NoahFace from the NoahFace Dashboard. On the main screen you will see high level status icons which show the status of:

  • Access Points. If any access points are offline or not yet enabled, this icon will be red.
  • User Syncs. If your user sync has failed to connect or complete, this icon will be red.
  • Notifications. If there were events that could not be sent to your HR / payroll Platform, this icon will be red.

As well as the high level status icons, you will see Access Point and Notification status icons against each individual site, which is useful for larger organisations with many sites and/or system administrators for individual sites.

Clicking on these icons will take you to pages containing further details.

Monitoring NoahFace Using an IT Management System

Larger organizations typically use IT Management Systems to monitor all of their IT infrastructure and applications in one place, providing a consistent status dashboard and proactive alerts via SMS, Email, and other channels. NoahFace can be included in your IT Management System through the use of its System Monitoring API.

To use the System Monitoring API, you need to generate an API Key. To do this, login to the NoahFace Dashboard as an administrator, select View Profile, and then select Generate and copy an API Key for system monitoring:

The API Key can be passed to the System Monitoring API endpoint ( either as a standard BEARER token or via the "key" query parameter. While the System Monitoring API does not return any sensitive information (eg: user information, IP addresses, etc), and does not enable any other access to the NoahFace Dashboard, your API Key should still be kept confidential.

The information returned by the system monitoring API is as follows:

  • Organization Name.
  • Plan Information.
  • User Sync Type.
  • Number of Users.
  • Number of Sites.
  • Number of Access Points.
  • User Sync Status. Whether the synchronisation of users from your HR platform is operational.
  • Access Point Status. Whether your access points are online or offline.
  • Notification Status. Whether there have been any issues sending events to your HR platform.

The data is returned in JSON format by default, however, you can specify the "format=xml" query parameter to return the data as XML. For example:

	"organisations": [
		"name":"Acme Corporation",

If you have access to multiple organizations, the API will return status information for all of them.

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