Recording Travel Time

Businesses in industries such as construction, healthcare, hospitality, and cleaning often have employees that work across multiple customer work sites and want to allocate worked hours to the appropriate customer, often in conjunction with detailed recording of work types or tasks.

By using geo-tracking in NoahFace Go, you can allocate worked hours to sites or customers automatically. To do this, just set Location to "Mapped" on your Access Point Type and set a default mapping for when employees are not at a known work site:

You can also use geo-fencing to ensure that employees can only record their time at known work sites. To do this, just set Location to "Fenced" on your Access Point Type

But what if you also want to record work types, including travel time, and to allocate travel time to the site that employees are travelling to? With geo-fencing enabled, this is not possible, because you are not at the site you want to allocate your time to. You can of course turn off geo-tracking, and have employees manually select the site they want to allocate their hours to. This will work, however, it increases:

  • Inefficiency,
  • Errors, and
  • Time Fraud.

Ideally what you want is to allow employees to manually select a site only when they are recording travel time, and to otherwise apply geo-fencing. To do this, in your Access Point Type, set up:

  • A Screen Type of "Task Tracking".
  • Your list of work types (eg: "tasks=Travel;Construction;Maintenance").
  • A Location type of "Travel".
  • The work type that indicates travel (eg: "traveltype=Travel").
  • A label for manual site selection (eg: "travelname=Site").

For example:

With this configuration, when employees select most work types, their site will be determined automatically (and geo-fencing will apply), however, when they select a work type of "Travel", they will be required to manually select the site they are travelling to (and geo-fencing will not apply):

This will then be displayed on the home screen:

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