Linking NoahFace Users to your Payroll System

There are many situations where new employees need to start recording their time in NoahFace before they have been added to your payroll system. For example:

  • When you go live with NoahFace before going live with a new payroll system.
  • When payroll staff are not always available to add employees to your payroll system.

In these situations, you can manually add the employee in the NoahFace Dashboard so they can start recording their time.

When you are ready to do so, you can then:

  • Add the employee to your payroll system, assigning them a new Employee Number.
  • Update the employee in NoahFace to have the same Employee Number.
  • Perform a manual User Synchronisation.

The User Synchronisation process will match the employees using their Employee Number. Once this happens, the employee record in you payroll system will become the master record, and all future changes to this record will be automatically synchronised to NoahFace.

If you ever create a situation where you have two records for an employee, one added locally in NoahFace and one synchronised from your payroll system, and you want to merge these records:

  • Delete the record you do not want (usually one with no events recorded against it), checking the option to "Immediately Erase" it.
  • Ensure the Employee Number is correct on the remaining record, updating it if necessary.
  • Perform a manual User Synchronisation again.

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