Importing, Exporting, and Updating Users

You can import, export, and update users from the Users page in the NoahFace Dashboard:

Importing Users

To import users, select the "Import CSV" button and select a CSV file that contains your list of users.

There is a link to a sample CSV file under the "Import CSV" button. The only mandatory attributes are:

  • User Number (or Employee Number)
  • First Name
  • Last Name

The most important attribute is the User Number which uniquely identifies each user. If you don't already have unique User Numbers, it is recommended that you allocate a sequential number for each user prior to importing them.

If you specify a Group attribute, the imported user will be automatically added to the named group.

If you specify the Send Passcode attribute as "Yes", the user will be sent their registration passcode and/or their registration link for mobile users. This of course requires you to specify an Email Address or Phone Number.

Exporting Users

To export users, select the "Export CSV" button.

If the user is a member of multiple groups, only the first group they are a member of will be included in the CSV file.

Updating Users

When users are being imported, the User Number is used as a key. If a user with a given User Number already exists, it is updated, and if it does not already exist, it is added.

This means you can export your users into a CSV file, update the file as needed, and then re-import it.

You can update all user attributes (except the User Number) in this way, including the Group, Site, Expiry, and Language.

Passcodes are never sent when updating users.

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