Identifying Users with Access Cards

NoahFace can be used with a 3rd party access card reader (or RFID/proximity card reader) to identify users.

Card Numbers

Card Numbers are usually numeric and are often printed on access cards. When you allocate a card to an employee, you should update the Card Number on their user record, either in your HR/Payroll platform (assuming you are synchronizing users), or directly in the NoahFace Dashboard.


You can maintain Badge IDs for employees in Workday as Other IDs:

You can sync Badge IDs to NoahFace by specifying your Other ID Type in the Card Number field of your synchronization:

UKG Dimensions

You can maintain Badge Numbers for employees in UKG Dimensions under Device Information:

Employee Badge Numbers are automatically synchronised to the Card Number field in NoahFace.

Access Rules

To enable access card reading, simply edit your Access Rule, select "Access Card" as the Identification Required, and disable Registration Permitted:

Card Readers

You can use a number of access card readers with NoahFace, as described below:

SerialIO idChamp NF4

The SerialIO idChamp NF4 connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and acts as an iPadOS keyboard.

Install the App Serial Magic Keys and connect the device under Devices:

Make sure Append to scan is set to "Return" and Hidden keyboard is enabled as follows:

Under iPadOS Settings, select General / Keyboards, add a Serial MagicKeys keyboard, and enable Allow Full Access. Also delete your existing virtual keyboard so that it cannot be used to enter card numbers.

Socket Mobile

The Socket Mobile SocketScan S550 reader connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and acts as an iPadOS keyboard.


The FissaiD card readers connect to your iPad via USB and act as an external keyboard.

There are multiple models of the FissaiD card readers (for different types of cards), so if you have existing access cards, make sure you purchase a reader that is compatible with them.

You will also need a USB Adaptor (there are both Apple and 3rd party versions of these adaptors) so you can keep your iPad permanently charged while the reader is connected to your iPad.

It is also recommended that you delete your virtual keyboard so it cannot be used to enter card numbers. To do this, install any 3rd party keyboard emulator (eg: Serial Magic Keys) and use it to add a second keyboard. Once you have added a second keyboard, you can delete your virtual keyboard.

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