Forwarding Events to Google Sheets

It is simple to configure NoahFace to forward user events to Google Sheets. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. From within your Google Sheet, select: Extensions / Apps Script:

2. Create a script with a doPost() function which extracts and processes the event properties. For example:

function doPost(http) {
       var event = JSON.parse(http.postData.contents);
       var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
       var lastRow = Math.max(sheet.getLastRow(),1);
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 1).setValue(event.time);
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 2).setValue(event.number);
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 3).setValue(event.firstname);
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 4).setValue(event.lastname);
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 5).setValue(;
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 6).setValue(;
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 7).setValue(event.device);
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 8).setValue(event.type);
       sheet.getRange(lastRow + 1, 9).setValue(event.detail);
       return HtmlService.createHtmlOutput("Success");

For more information see: Open APIs.

3. Select Deploy / New Deployment, provide a Description, provide Access to "Anyone", and select Deploy:

4. Copy the Web app URL:

5. Add a Notification within the NoahFace Dashboard, assign a Method of "POST" and assign your Notification url:

6. Assign this Notification to your Access Point Type:

That's it! Once you have completed these steps, NoahFace will automatically add all user events to your Google Sheet.

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