Configuring Employee Name Display

The NoahFace App display's employee names for registration and greetings. For example:

By default, NoahFace will use an employee's preferred name and their last name as appropriate. These can be maintained in your HR / payroll platform (if you are synchronising users) or in the NoahFace Dashboard directly.

You can configure the way the NoahFace App displays employee first and last names by specifying the screen configuration options of "firstname" and "lastname" respectively. These can be set to any of the following:

  • first. The employee's first name.
  • preferred. The employee's preferred name.
  • auto. The employee's preferred name, if it exists, otherwise their first name.
  • last. The employee's last name.
  • number. The employee's number.
  • full. The employee's preferred name followed by their last name.
  • formal. The employee's first name followed by their last name.
  • combined. The employee's last name followed by the employee number.

The default configuration is: "firstname=auto, lastname=last".


Obscuring Names

If you want to obfuscate names for privacy reasons, you might specify:

Employee Numbers

If you want to display employee numbers in user lists because you have many employees with the same first and last names, you might specify:

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