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The Smart Time Clock for UKG Dimensions

NoahFace offers an out-of-the-box integration with UKG Dimensions, making it the perfect employee-facing solution to power your backend system.

Transform your time & attendance solutions

The Smart Clock for UKG Dimensions

NoahFace transforms iPads & smartphones into the fastest, most powerful, and most dependable time clocks on earth. 

This smart time clock is packed with features, including: 

  • Touchless and minimal touch configurations
  • Consent & attestation questions
  • Mandatory breaks
  • Job & task tracking
  • Group punching
  • Integrated mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Employee sentiment analysis
  • Dynamic cost center selection
  • Integrations with other hardware, including access control, temperature screening, alcohol screening and more
UKG Dimensions Timesheet

A Smarter Time Clock Solution

Discover how facial recognition and powerful data capture for UKG Dimensions can improve your workplace.

UKG Time Clock Data Capture

how it works

Automated Data Capture to Dimensions

When an employee approaches the NoahFace time clock, the facial recognition technology automatically identifies and clocks them in.

These clocking events are automatically forwarded to UKG Dimensions in real time to create Employee Timecard entries. NoahFace also has the ability to capture additional data (cost center, labors, tips, pay codes, comments, etc), and transfer those at the clocking events.

support a happier workplace for every employee

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Continuously collect feedback from your front line workers with the NoahFace Sentiment Analysis feature. Reduce attrition by identifying high-risk employees and by monitoring trends in certain areas of your business.

Listening to this feedback can help you to quickly identify areas of your business where there is discontent, enabling you to make targeted changes to improve harmony, productivity, and retention.

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the smartest time clock on the market, 100% of the time

Works Seamlessly Offline & During UKG Maintenance Windows

When you need a reliable time clock, no matter what the day may bring, NoahFace can answer the call. The system works seamlessly offline in cases of network outages and during UKG maintenance windows, then automatically syncs all data and clocking events once the connection is reestablished.

Facial Recognition Time Clock Screenshots for UKG

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“Service is unparalleled. NoahFace is more engaged than any partner I have worked with in my 20 years in the industry.”

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Matt Edman


“I have never used a technology that provides so much functionality, that is {also} so simple to administer.”

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Niven Padachy

Fuse Workforce Management

“NoahFace is touchless and offers a thermal option. It is nimble and agile. Touchless is safer, faster, and easier.”

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