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Strong identification for your
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Solution Overview

An interactive iPad at your door

Staff present themselves and are instantly identified using facial recognition.

They then confirm their identity using another factor (eg: PIN, Google Authenticator, or an Access Card).

Once all factors are confirmed, your access rules are evaluated and the door opens if access is permitted.



Highly Secure. By confirming a person's identity using multiple factors, you can be confident only those that should have access do gain access.


Multi-Factor Authentication can be used in any environment containing valuable or dangerous assets or data. eg:

  • Data Centres
  • Warehouses
  • Research Labs

How it works

How it works

NoahFace runs on an iPad mounted next to your door. You can configure it to identify people using a combination of facial recognition and other factors:

  • Face + PIN
  • Face + One-Time Passcode (SMS)
  • Face + Google Authenticator (TOTP)
  • Face + Access Card

When all configured forms of identification are validated the person considered to be authenticated. Only then are the access rules assessed, and the door is unlocked if access is granted.

To decide which factors are right for your door, you should consider:

Facial recognition is a biometric factor, or "something you are". On its own it is a relatively strong form of authentication, especially when "liveness testing" technology is used.

PINs are an example of a "something you know" factor. On their own, they are a weak form of identification as they can be shared or guessed, but when combined with facial recognition they provide much stronger authentication.

One-Time Passcodes, the Google Authenticator, and Access Cards are examples of "something you have" factors. On their own, they are also a weak form of identification as phones and cards can be lost, stolen, or shared, but when combined with facial recognition they provide much stronger authentication.

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When we saw NoahFace work and understood it’s highly secure multi-factor capabilities, combined with it's ease of use, we were confident it was a great solution for our staff and our clients.
Peter Hobson
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NoahFace works seamlessly with your access control system.

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