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Hands-free and card-free

Solution Overview

Your face is your key

Just glance at an iPad to identify yourself, and your door opens automatically.


Frictionless entry can be used in any workplace to replace access cards or PINs. eg:

  • Offices
  • Store rooms
  • Hospitals

Frictionless Entry


Convenient. Never have to put down a laptop or coffee or call a friend when you  leave your access card behind.

Productive. Lightning fast recognition saves time on every entry.

Safe. Helps avoid workplace injuries when carrying boxes or goods.

Clean. Hands-free operation avoids the transmission of germs.

Secure. Shared and lost access cards are a thing of the past.

Your face is your key


Ever had to put down a coffee or a laptop to open a door? Or fumble through your wallet or purse to find your access card? You'll love the convenience of facial recognition, and you'll never want to use an access card again.


Access cards are regularly shared which severely compromises security. Facial recognition makes sharing impossible, and the photographic audit trail provides an indisputable record of exactly who entered when.

Lightning Fast

The sub-second recognition process works at a glance, unlocking doors as you approach.


Avoid workplace injuries that often occur moving goods to/from storerooms through secure doors.


Ever left your access card at home or on your desk when you went to the bathroom?

Well you can't forget your face!


Hands-free operation avoids the transmission of germs and cross contamination. Its essential in healthcare, laboratories, and manufacturing environments, and good practice in any workplace.
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Deploy it stand-alone or integrated with your existing access control system. On one door or hundreds.


Simple pay per user model designed to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes.

How it works

How it works

NoahFace runs on an iPad mounted next to your door, constantly monitoring for people approaching.

When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces using facial recognition technology. If there is a match, it evaluates your configured access rules and, if appropriate, informs a small receiver mounted behind the door or in your ceiling cavity.

The receiver either directly releases the magnetic lock (in a stand-alone configuration), or informs your existing access control system (in an integrated configuration).

    The configured access rules include support for day-of-week and time-of-day restrictions, and you can set different identification requirements at different times. For example, you can allow fast and convenient facial recognition access during business hours, while requiring a passcode or even an access card outside of these hours.

    A photographic record all access attempts is stored in an event log so you can examine it later if needed.

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    Our busy staff enter our locked storeroom 100’s of times a day and love the frictionless entry.  It's given us a huge productivity gain.
    Sean Sampson
    Telstra Store Owner

    Access Control systems

    NoahFace works seamlessly with your access control system.

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