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This guide steps you through everything a manager or supervisor needs to know about using NoahFace Shift in your business.

Modes of Operation

Assuming it has been correctly setup, NoahFace Shift will start up in its Operational Mode. In this mode:
To access Manager's Mode you touch the small NoahFace logo in the lower right hand corner, and enter your Manager's passcode. You will then see four tabs as follows:

Current Site Status

From the Staff tab you can view a list of all staff and their current shift status. The status tabs at the bottom allow you to filter this list of users as follows:
  • Planned. This shows the staff that are rostered today but have not yet arrived.
  • Active. This shows the staff that are currently on site.
  • Complete. This shows the staff that have completed their shift and left for the day.
  • Incomplete. This shows the staff that forgot to clock off when they last had a shift.

Multiple Sites
If you have more than one site, you can switch between sites by hitting the site name in the top left hand corner.

Multiple Devices
If you are using more than one device, you can hit the refresh icon in the top right hand corner to refresh this list and get up to minute information.

Managing Staff

Depending on the configuration of your system, from the Staff tab, you can also:
  • Add staff.
  • View staff details.
  • Delete staff.
  • Import staff.
When viewing an individual staff member, supervisors can:
  • Update their details.
  • Update their avatar or photo.
  • Review their past shifts.
  • Manage their planned shifts.

Preferred Names are supported but are not required. You can leave the Preferred name empty if you want, and the First Name will be used instead.

Employee Numbers are used to allow you to match up your clocking data with your payroll system, especially if you have large numbers of staff. They are also necessary if you choose to use the Employee Number for identity confirmation.

Shift Management

Depending on the configuration of your system, from the Shifts tab, you can view shifts by:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Pay Cycle.

In each of these views, you can navigate by swiping left or right, or by directly setting the date field. You can also:

  • Add shifts (including recurring shifts).
  • View shift details.
  • Delete shifts.
  • Import rostered shifts.
  • Export clock data.

When viewing an individual shift, you can:

  • View the rostered shift details.
  • View the actual clock events (ie: time and photo).

Adjusting Clock Times

If an employee forgets to clock in for a rostered shift, you can manually clock them in. To do this, open up their shift, and press the plus icon in the top right to add an event. This will take your photo and record the time you specify.

If an employee forgets to clock in for an unplanned shift, you will need to ask them to clock in. Once they have done that, you can adjust the clock time on that event.

To adjust the clock in time on an existing event, touch the event photo and set the correct time.

In the example, Bill was scheduled to start his shift at 10:00am. He arrived early at 9:15, but forgot to clock in. When he remembered at 1:04pm, he clocked in, and went to see his supervisor. The supervisor is able to change this event time to 9:15am.

Exporting Clock Data

In most implementations, NoahFace Shift will be configured to automatically populate your payroll system with the clock data.
However, if you are using the App stand-alone, you can manually export your clock data. To do this, you select the Share toolbar option from the Pay Cycle view. The data is exported in CSV format, and can be easily loaded into timesheet systems, payroll systems and spreadsheets. For each shift, it contains the following fields:

You can also export shift data from the Web interface of your NoahFace Shift account.

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