Private Vaults Australia embraces multi-factor authentication

One of Australia’s leading personal wealth protection companies, Private Vaults Australia, has just added the NoahFace iPad based facial recognition and multi-factor authentication solution to their secure storage and trading facility.

The system is currently installed on 2 separate man-traps (for a total of 4 doors) and uses 2-factor authentication – the existing FOB system plus facial recognition. An iPad is installed on the walls near the doors and enables entry for registered staff and clients when they present their face and fob.  

“When we saw NoahFace work and understood it’s highly secure multi-factor capabilities - combined with aesthetics and ease of registration and use – we were confident it was a great solution – for our staff and our clients”.

Peter Hobson, Owner, Private Vaults.

“As a systems integrator, we see a lot of security options come through the door. I was introduced to NoahFace a few years back and kept in touch with the development team.  When Private Vaults approached us to assist with securing their facility using advanced methods, I immediately thought of NoahFace.  We are very impressed with the technology and the ease of integration with the Inner Range “Integriti” System at Private Vaults”

Collin Keeton, Bravis Security.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Now meet the father of NoahFace.

In 2015 café owner Geoff Cropley came to the realisation that his business would run a lot smoother and he’d have a better relationship with his customers if he could remember their names and orders. You know what it’s like. You walk into your favourite café and they know your order. It makes the experience even better if they remember your name. As a customer you feel engaged and appreciated and are more likely to be loyal.

After scouring the world for a system that would work for his business, Geoff realized that using facial recognition technology would be the perfect solution. The problem was, such a system didn’t exist. So, instead of giving up, Geoff invented it. After 18 months of prototyping and stress testing in a real-life environment, and seeing large improvements in customer loyalty and profitability in his business, Noah Facial Recognition Pty Ltd was launched.

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