Private Vaults Australia embraces multi-factor authentication

One of Australia’s leading personal wealth protection companies, Private Vaults Australia, has just added the NoahFace iPad based facial recognition and multi-factor authentication solution to their secure storage and trading facility.

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They say necessity is the mother of invention. Now meet the father of NoahFace.

In 2015 café owner Geoff Cropley came to the realisation that his business would run a lot smoother and he’d have a better relationship with his customers if he could remember their names and orders. You know what it’s like. You walk into your favourite café and they know your order. It makes the experience even better if they remember your name. As a customer you feel engaged and appreciated and are more likely to be loyal.

After scouring the world for a system that would work for his business, Geoff realized that using facial recognition technology would be the perfect solution. The problem was, such a system didn’t exist. So, instead of giving up, Geoff invented it. After 18 months of prototyping and stress testing in a real-life environment, and seeing large improvements in customer loyalty and profitability in his business, Noah Facial Recognition Pty Ltd was launched.

Canberra Airport boosting security with facial recognition

Canberra Airport has boosted protection for its secure and sterile areas. Facial recognition technology is now in place - via an iPad App - requiring employees to scan their faces before entering.

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Facial recognition with your takeaway coffee

The faces of customers at Sydney's Bahista Cafe are scanned by an iPad as they approach the barista at the coffee machine. Instantly the customer's name, favourite order and whether they are due for a loyalty reward flashes up on another iPad facing staff.

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Order at face value. 
Bahista Cafe using facial recognition technology to remember your favourite coffee and loyalty points

ORDERING a coffee is coming with an extra bit of technology thanks to an innovative North Sydney company. NoahFace has created software that remembers cafe customers' faces and their favourite drink. The idea for the technology started brewing when Geoff Cropley and Julie Buchanan opened up Bahista Cafe in Sydney three years ago ...

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Switzer TV Interview

Peter Switzer interviews Founder & CEO Geoff Cropley about the remarkable technology behind the NoahFace App that lets you instantly know what a customer wants ...

Cafe uses facial recognition software to make sure customers get the right coffee

A SYDNEY cafe has come up with a new way to tackle one of the biggest problems a barista faces during the morning rush — remembering a customer’s name.

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Channel 10
Eyewitness News

Recently Channel 10 Eyewitness News ran this story about how the customers of Bahista Café in Sydney's CBD have really embraced the technology and appreciate the higher level of personal service they now enjoy.

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